I havent got my payout

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So ,I have had a guest on 15th December and I still didnt get my payment because airbnb says the account information is wrong. It is the same bank account they have been sending payout to for 1 year now. I re entered the info again, they deosited 0.01 amount successfully they sent me email payoit sent again and after few hours payout reversal because bank info is wrong ! i got very frustrated,i have no other bank account and i dont use paypal so what can i do now? i ontacted customer service and i got very funny response saying (after investigation we found that you enetered bank account information wrong and need to re enter it) ,like really ? have you ever read what i just wrote above ?


I now have guest arriving on 24th December and to be honest i am not willing to receive them,yes its not their fault but also not mine and i wont host people for free, What do you all recommend me to do ?

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Re: I havent got my payout

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I would go to my bank and ask if there were any changes with IBAN or else and ask for an advice. Maybe they could contact Airbnb or at least give you a piece of paper with account details (name of the bank, bank account Number and IBAN) so you can send it to Airbnb as a proof.


Another solution is to open another bank account, add it to Airbnb payment method and when it's verified - set it as default.

Re: I havent got my payout

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I could receive the verification deposit successfully (0.01 euro)  2 days ago which means the data provided are ok and accurate,when then they sent me my amount i got this payment reversal message ! that can be my best proof to airbnb that my account is ok ,that they themselves could send deposit to it.


I dont want to open another bank account and pay fees etc... just for airbnb to end up with the same message again that my account info has error 😕

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