I'm a new Host - How many bookings should I expect?

Mayflower, AR
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Hello!!  I am excited about hosting.  We went public with our listing on May 24th.  We offered a discount for the first three bookings.  Since then we have had two booking that have already stayed and one that is scheduled for the end of the month.  We recived 2 - 5 star reviews and great recommendations from the guest that have stayed.  However, we have had over a hundred views and no other bookings.  We are priced a little higer than the algarism suggest, but our listing is the only one (in our area) with amzazing views and upper end furnishing and amenities.  Should I be looking at changing our price or be patient? 


Thanks for any help!


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Re: I'm a new Host - How many bookings should I expect?

Concord, CA
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@Art-and-Jen0Your listing looks great. You may want to try a few things because it does not hurt. You can change the price whenver you want. When I do a search with your city. Your listing came up on the third on the first page. You may want to try following


(1) Lower the price for a period of time. You can use the calendar to manually set the price for certain period

(2) Do some research by checking the listings nearby and see how many dates are blocked in those listings nearby

(3) Try to get superhost status by meeting the requirements.



Re: I'm a new Host - How many bookings should I expect?

Lincoln, Canada
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@Art-and-Jen0 Welcome to hosting! Glad it's going well for you so far.


I would ignore Airbnb's pricing suggestions: they're often absolutely ludicrous. I'm not sure if you're using Smart pricing, but if you are, be very careful with it, because it will default to your lowest setting most of the time. Do your own research and charge what you're comfortable with. Booking rates are often around 1%: you're doing fine.


I would be patient, personally. It looks like you're on the right track, and sometimes, you don't want the guests who are just choosing you because you're cheap.

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