Important Airbnb Improvements - multiple listings and locations

Denver, CO
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I have many listings in a home in Colorado and several more in Michigan. I plan to add 5 listings in one home in Hawaii in 2017. 


There are aspects of each location that are universal, such as the house rules, directions, WiFi, etc, so it would be great to make changes once and have all listings for that location be updated. Copy and paste works, but it is not very efficient. A new listing should start from a template that is 90% complete. I am prioritizing efficiency.


Also, a way to separate the finances between locations, without going into each listing and adding them up, is critical for someone with more than 1 location. Again, efficiency.


Is there anybody else who has this problem (haha), and if so do you have any tips and tricks for managing multiple locations? 


Airbnb, please consider sytem enhancements to make it easier to manage 2 or more listings/locations. If this enhancement seems important to you, upvote it, so Airbnb might actually consider doing something about it.


Thank you!

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Re: Important Airbnb Improvements - multiple listings and locations

Edmonton, Canada
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Hi ,


While these are great suggestions and I am sure also great for discussion, it would also be beneficial providing this via the Airbnb Feedback form which can be found here:


You could also raise these issues, if they have not been raised already on Host Voice which can be found here:


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