Due to issues with pet damage and Airbnb not paying for damage (and the realization that the "deposit" isnt actually a deposit), we have put a mandatory pet deposit in place. We charge guests a cleaning fee for their pets plus a refundable $100 damage deposit. 

It seems like every single time I bill out the pet fees, the guests message back and have issues figuring out how to pay the fee. They say the link in their email just leads them to a page that says "reply" and doesnt give them the option to pay. I have had the same complaint about 75% of the time. Since I have never received the email, I have no idea what the issue is. 

Does anyone have insight on what the problem is and why my guests cant figure this out? I would like to be able to tell them very simply how to handle the payment.



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Re: Issues with money requests

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i collect fees for pool heating and there's always the guest that tries to play dumb just to pay another way (eg cash) or maybe get out of the fee altogether.


but sometimes i sincerely think the REQUEST MONEY feature is completely bugged and they don't even try to fix it or make it work as intended.


also, i've had issues with damaged property and no, the deposit is just a show, doesn't do anything.



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