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That's right Hosts, there IS more good news on the Mobile App updates!  You can now contact ABB from your own mobile app!!  This is fantastic news.....(make sure your app is always updated).  How many of you are doing the HAPPY dance right now?  LOL


If you didn't know, its because you probably don't have your account settings set up to receive the awesome AIRBNB newsletters they send out to all hosts informing us of these much needed improvements.  I have been sharing this with hosts around the world via social media who didn't even know it was an option.  Make sure you go to your account and click on the settings to choose to receive EMAILS from Airbnb, and NEWSLETTERS from Airbnb.. This is very important to great hosting. 


On this NEW "Contact Us" option, referenced as FASTER CUSTOMER SERVICE in their August newsletter; here's what you do.


1. You click on your profile. 


2. Tap: Help & Support


3.  Contact Us.  (they even give you a timeframe on the wait times for calls. See my photo below)  


How awesome is this?    Airbnb is listening and I want to encourage many of you to use the HOST VOICE to give feedback, helpful ideas and suggestions just like so many of us have been doing including yours truly.    One of my ONGOING continuous written ideas was the BLOCK feature and was thrilled to see it finally implemented 2 weeks ago.  Used it again last night on a recent booking request from a guy who would not accept my Decline and explanation.    Thank you Airbnb,.....YOU ROCK! 







If you feel that me or another host have helped you, feel free to click on the "thumbs up" button at the end of any post. Thank you so much.

Aloha, Momi

Great way to contact Airbnb or via Twitter at AirbnbHelp / Facebook

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Re: MORE GOOD NEWS from Airbnb

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So far I am satisfied with @AirbnbHelp on Twitter 🙂

Ivana Okrug Gornji, Croatia

Re: MORE GOOD NEWS from Airbnb

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Just checked it out, thank you, YOU ROCK!

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