More guests stay than actually booked: guest booked 4 but 6 come

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More guests stay than actually booked: guest booked 4 but 6 come

A host (call him Mark) recently described a problem, that seems to me to be an exceptionally common problem which hosts bring to the host communities to ask about.   Mark said that the guest booked 4 people, but that 6 people actually arrived.  He thought at first that only 4 guests would stay, as this had been the arrangement and what they paid for (and he doesn't allow more than 4 to stay at his home -- which is an entire house listing).  However, the next day when he went by the house to see the guests off and check them out, he saw all 6 people inside, and as they left, he saw that they were all carrying luggage, so it was clear they had all stayed there. 


Do you have any advice for Mark?

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Im in shock to have dealt with this difficult guest. My listing clearly stated can accommodate 6 person with extra 1 person.A day before arrival this guest said total guest coming would be 14!


FOURTEEN PERSON ! Its a 3BR condo unit not a bungalow with a compound.


After explaining that I wont be able to host that many, she then said 9 person 1 baby will come.


However on the check in day she came with a total of 11 person! Considering this guest have to pay 4 extra guest charges, not to mention the damages of my wall and floor, how would i go if they use this to blackmail me by giving a bad review?


i have picture during the check in the amount of people and the list of guest shes bringing in. I am waiting them to check out to request for extra pay.

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This is 2022, after 7 years, and this problem happened to me. 7 guests on reservation and 17 guests actually.  Airbnb customer service still can do nothing but told me they EDUCATE the guest. They're not able the charge the guest because she denied that, even I've provided all camera records that showed they've 17 people checked in and out. Now that guest knows video records cannot stop her.

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If you are so experienced as both guest and host, why is it that you have no listing and no reviews?



I typed out a huge long msg, sorry uiu couldn't read it.


The gist:

Not my main




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I am having the same problem and we cannot prove it because we live across the street but can’t see them entering from the back.  What do we do when we suspect there are more guests?  It’s become a real problem and I’m thinking about security cameras at both doors.

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I just read the initial 3 pages and the last one of this thread but I feel that this needs another point of view:

First of all let me state that I never hosted people for money. I have been part of a free hosting community on which I gave more than I have taken, so I know the extra work of hosting extra people.

I have also stayed in some hotels, and rarely have I seen any extra charge for 2 people in a room instead of 1 (breakfast excluded naturally).

Also I very much want to pay the fair price, and completely understand that each sets their own rules at their own house.

BUT some policies just feel so unfair that they are begging to be disrespected: I'm now searching for a house to spend the weekend with some friends. Some of them aren't sure if they will come, so when comparing houses with a friend we found the same house but for a radically different price: he was searching as if we would go just 4 guys, to a 4 bedroom house: 2 days, 250€. I searched for 8 people, assuming our girlfriends would manage to show up, and the price went from 250€ to 400€. This is absolutely insane! Plus I know that the house will probably be left tidyer if they come, there's no way they will cause 150€ worth of extra expense for the host in 2 days. I really want to play it strait and pay what the host asks but this just feels really unfair and greedy, specially given the uncertainty of how many people will manage to come. Maybe we'll end up staying somewhere else entirely. Anyway I hope this gives hosts another view of this issue.

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@Rui304 I think you should stay elsewhere. You should get a hotel room for you and your guy friends.


If your girlfriends end up coming you can then get two hotel rooms. Which would double your pice. 


But that's okay. It's okay at a hotel but not in a host's home, right?

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@Rui304  It doesn't sound insane at all to me for 4 people (if your girlfriends join you) to pay an extra 37.50 each.  That sounds like a really fair price. 4 extra people means washing towels for 4 people (and girls tend to go through more towels than guys) 4 more people taking hot showers, 4 more people using up toilet paper (definitely more usage by women) , soap, etc, 4 more people using electricity charging their phones and devices, and whatever other amenities are provided, like coffee and tea, and so on. After paying those added expenses, the host is making a piddling amount of profit on those extra 4 people.


What you can do is look for a place that accepts 8, charges a base price for 4, with extra guest fee for anything above that. Then communicate with the host, saying you're not sure at this point if your girlfriends will be joining you, but it's a possibility, and if they decide to come, then you pay the extra guest fee, as opposed to paying for 8 to start with just in case they come with you.

I had a similar issue with a French guest ( Cecile ) 3 weeks ago.

The main issue with this guest is that their attitude is 

Iike a blackmail. If you ask the extra guest pay you are sure that a bad review for the host will arrive.

Infact, after asking the extra money I received a 3 stars review ( never received in my 3 years host experience). 
I gave my review to the guest that replied with a poem where they denied the reality by defaming me and my concerns.
Arbnb support. In my experience,  is completely  absent for supporting the hosts in these situations. I am waiting again a reply, after writing 3 support ticket. After years I am thinking to leave the platform because the guests quality decreased and many times they try to blackmail you with the stars story.

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Yea. Quite the conundrum. I had a guest book for 1 adult and 3 children and showed up with 5 children and 2 adults. My place is self check in but I live right there so I can monitor everything going on. What a situation. I feel like it’s deceitful and should be penalized in some sort of way, without the need of confrontation. How exactly?  I don’t know. 

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Easy @Lulu81  you either ask extra’s  in the party to leave as they aren’t on the booking or if you can accommodate send a charge through the Resolution Centre to cover the cost of their stay. 

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Yes. That all makes sense. It’s just not cool for them to put us in such uncomfortable situation you know.  Thanks for your response @Helen3 

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Try this app to detect the number of guests at your rental.

I got so fed up with guests trying to cheat me by booking less people in than what actually staying. So now have lockable bedroom doors. If they book for 1 person - they get a single bedroom and no access to the other bedrooms. I am finding that when guests are advised of this before arrival they often quickly change their head count on the reservation. 

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I am an Airbnb host and I have had extra people to come and I always charge the extra $10 per night per guest up to maximum of four people. now I have a problem that they brought an extra person which would be 5 people instead of 4 I'm pretty mad about it I will be contacted Airbnb because in my rules and house rules listed in the Airbnb section says if you show up with more guests than the maximum 4  before you can be charged up to $150 for that person or reservation be canceled immediately.  so I'm going to go all the way with it hoping that this maybe we'll put a stop to all those dishonest people out there that want to cheat their host. We have outdoor surveillance and highly suggest everyone have it. Have downloaded the videos for my proof to airbnb. Hope to resolve this quickly. We did not approach the guests because did not want a confrontation. We are letting the resolution center solve it for us.  As far as a bad review is concerned she has already messaged us thru the site what a wonderful place it is. And when she checked out said this again. Hope we can resolve the issue. 

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Hi Debra,


I had a guest book for 4 people but had 5 the entire time.  My rules state $25 per night per guest over 4.   It also states $100 fine plus the cost of the extra guest for bringing unbooked guests.   I had  8 clips on my Ring device of 5 people in a row leaving and returning in the same clip.   One showed them coming home at 2 am and leaving together at 9 am the next morning.    


The guest lied stating it was a cousin in town that didn't spend the night.  Here is what I received from Airbnb:   "Right now we have clips of 5 guests coming and going but there is no 'behind the scenes', the extra guest could have left after the clip cuts off, which is what the guest says happened. After reviewing each side of the story and watching all of the clips, we are able to see instances true to Adam's side of things, as well as that the extra guest could have stayed over.

In order for me to completely validate your claim I would need undeniable evidence that the 5th guest stayed overnight."


They're basically saying that even though they are arriving together at 2 am and leaving 7 hours later the 5th person could have left just after 2 am then returned right before 9 am to leaving with them again.


Their response was as if I had to show a picture of 5 people inside sleeping.   


This disappointing decision by Airbnb shows you can't charge for extra guests because all the guests need to do is say they didn't actually sleep there and Airbnb will side with the guest.


Did you receive a better outcome with your resolution?

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I’m wondering if we can have a rule that states NO VISITORS.   Only those who are booked can be on the property or in the house.    Whose to say these visitors aren’t using the shower and other amenities.  I live in a tourist town and several of the motels have this rule.  I’m about ready to have it as well as security cameras.  Airbnb needs to step up and support the hosts.  There is always VRBO.

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Always communicate important items (like money) with guests via Airbnb messages/email so that you have proof of agreements.  Have a papertrail.

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I just had this happen to me.  Guest told Airbnb that I agreed to wave the fee which I did not.  Still in limbo to what I should do.  All I want is for people to have integrity.  I told my spouse that if the guest was honest and stepped up and covered the cost that I would send the guest a refund greater that the additional charges.  So if the guest paid 100.00 I would give a 175.00 refund.  Too bad the guest indicated they were not going to pay......  now I have to give the guest a bad review due to character when everything else went well. 

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