My most recent guests were drug addicts

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My most recent guests were drug addicts

I have been an Airbnb host for a number of years. I recently lost my sweet youngest daughter (two months ago) to a heroin overdose (she did not live in my home) and have worked hard to help other addicts, as we are in the midst of an opioid crisis.   I know what addiction looks like.  I like to be helpful, but I no longer want it in my house!!  I had a young female guest book for one person for two nights, and when she arrived she was obviously intoxicated. She went back out of the house to get "luggage" and came back in with a gangster type young man, and they proceeded to hole up in the room for the next two days.  I called Airbnb and was told that if I cancelled the reservation, it would affect my Superhost status. Really? I was worried about theft (which is common among addicts) as well as messiness in the room (common as well), so I did not leave my home for the next two days.  They were actually very quiet and the young man was polite. Addicted youth can be very nice people, they just need the help and no one seems to know how to help them.

When they left, the room was a mess as I had predicted, and the telltale smudges of heroin preparation were evident.  Am not sure how to prevent this kind of thing in the future. Been there, done that, done.

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I’m so sorry to hear about your daughter. That’s really tough stuff.

I just had this happen to me in one of my Airbnb’s. So frustrated. I’m curious as to how it all planned out?  Did you make a claim against them?  Was there damage? I have damage including a tub that is somehow stained pink. I don’t understand how that happens. 

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@Deanna3  I'm very sorry to hear about your daughter's death.  


I'm not sure about your market but would you consider having a 4 night minimum and adding "no drugs" in the listing details and in the  house rules section?  If guests violate house rules (provided you can prove it) then it is easier to cancel.  Did you consider calling the police (I think that stuff is illegal (unlike pot) and chances of overdosing are high)?


Maybe avoid same day bookings? Perhaps increase your price by a few dollars?  


Chat with guests a lot before accepted a reservation request?



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"Perhaps increase your price by a few dollars?" That will eliminate 99% of them. Also be very specific on on House Rules, they will get the 'flic' and not book with you. Don't blame you for being very sensitive to the whole drug scene, having had your personal experience with it.

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@Deanna3 did you reach out to airbnb after they check-out and send photos of proof that they did do drugs at your place? 

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not yet, they just checked out.

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