New term to replace “location” in reviews

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Hello, Thank you for helping me grow my business.  I would like to comment that “Location” is an irrelevant category for review by guests. The guest chooses the location. Specifically, my place i 4 miles from the highway but near the ocean.  I have had guests say that my location is inconvenient. The ad specifically states where it is. If the guest does not look at a map before booking it is not my fault. 

What exactly is Airbnb looking for in the “Location” category%? Maybe a more specific term or word could be used.


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Michelle Roper

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Re: New term to replace “location” in reviews

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I don’t know what it means or why it’s there.


Are people saying, “Yeah, Hawaii is nice, but I prefer Tahiti?”


What constitutes a “bad” location?


Trashy neighborhood?


Active volcano next door?


Back yard a stinking swamp?


 I don’t get it.

Re: New term to replace “location” in reviews

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Location has been a much discussed topic here, and everyone agrees that the responses and interpretation of the category are totally subjective.  Supposedly guests are prompt to provide responses regarding the accuracy of the locations description, and not just their assessment if they liked it or fulfilled their imaginations regarding a place they've never before visited.


My place is a couple of miles away from the beach, less than a 10 minute drive during non-commute hours and no road construction.  The map location displayed on the listing page is accurate, and I provide detailed information about transportation methods.  Many people like that we're in a very quiet location not in the hustle and bustle of the tourist district, but being in close proximity.  Then there are others who've complained that it's not convenient for where they want to go.  These are often the people who didn't pay the price for a place located on or very close to the beach, nor rent a vehicle or make arrangements with a a taxi, and are not accustomed to riding public transit or walking more than 50 steps from their vehicles to indoors.

Re: New term to replace “location” in reviews

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I agree with @Debra300  that the interpretation should be that the location was what guests expected from the map and the listing description. For instance, if the place was on an undisclosed airport runway,  nowhere near where the map said it was, etc., those conditions would warrant a drop in the location rating.


However, “Accuracy” covers any location misrepresentation I can think of, therefore IMO the Location rating is redundant. Here are Airbnb’s own words on the Location rating:


  • Location. Was the guest made aware of safety, transportation, points of interest and special considerations like noise or other situations that might affect their stay?

This really belongs under Accuracy, and should be considered in that rating, with guest comments referencing the specific location conditions that they found inaccurate.


Also, I do think the Location rating tends to encourage the reporting of conditions both irrelevant and out of the host’s control, so by Airbnb’s own definition, it encourages ratings that go against their own review policies.

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