Nonpaid reservations

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Nonpaid reservations

Hello. I have issue with Airbnb. I am host. Airbnb sent me money for reseravations, but that funds return, becuase it was wrong IBAN ( my mistake). So,they didnt pay me my funds for reservations from begging of this summer 2022.(except last three reservations,when I change account). Reason was my bank closed and I didnt change account, when I change it, after 8 nonpaid reservations, I contact Airbnb support team a lot of time and all time the different person answer me msg -I am forwarding your inquiry to a member team who can better assist you. They never did it. Also, I call them and they keep me on line, almost 40 minutes, nothing they didnt tell me or solve my problem. They claim that money isnt return, because they check only transaction history, not their swift and they dont check with their account service and send me proof Swift. My new bank sent me report, swift and proof that money return, it was nonexisting bank account! I need number on which I can report problem or mail of menager. Some ombdusman, I try almost two months, noone helping me.

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Hi @Irena105 


Sorry to hear about this.  Did you try @Emiel1 's suggestion?

Please let us know if you've been able to get this sorted out.



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Airbnb CS can not solve payout issues, they will forward the issue to the financial department, which you can not contact directly. Your Transaction History will show payouts and there status. It is very important to have your payout methods setup correctly, to prevent payout issues like this will occur.


You need to contact Airbnb again:  Airbnb Help: contact

Try to open a chat. Mabe also try Twitter (account: AirbnbHelp)



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