Occupancy taxes

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Where did the Occupancy Taxes go? Last year and the year before, you could download your Gross Earnings to a csv and the last column was Occupancy Taxes. Now it's gone. Reached out to them and the support had no clue as usual. They said they would call me back and hung up, lol. Okay.

Why is it gone?
Are they expecting hosts to tally it themselves? What if they have multiple properties?
Where is the transparency?

I'm sure most hosts have discovered that their state or county now collects just one big fat check from Airbnb every month. So there really is no public record of how much each individual host pays in taxes. Think about that.

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Re: Occupancy taxes

Orono, ME
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@Heather213 I just clicked download CVS in my transaction history and occupancy tax is there on the excel spreadsheet in the last column. Are you looking at your Earnings Summary instead of the excel spreadsheet?

Re: Occupancy taxes

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Yup I see it now

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