I was reviewing my Superhost status and notice my Overall Rating for the past 12 months which counts towards Superhost status was 4.7 and it takes a 4.8 or higher to qualify for Superhost. I reviewed the Overall Ratings provided in the past 12 months and all but one of them have 5 stars. In fact, out of 20 stays from 1/1/2019 until August 2020, 19 of them have been 5 Overall Stars.


In December we had a woman who stayed with us who gave us 3 Stars as the Overall Rating, which is interesting because she gave 4 stars for accuracy, 4 stars for value, and 5 stars for everything else. She complained privately that the mattress was on it's "last legs" (the mattress was less than 6 months old), that she could have used an extra blanket (she never asked for one), and that the "the shower head is horrible and needs to be replaced" (I did not replace it and no one has complained prior to or after her stay). 


The point I am getting too is that her 3 start  rating brought my Overall Rating for Superhost status to 4.7 and may affect my Superhost status. I am actually fortunate that the requirements were waived for July 2020 or I would have lost my status without even realizing it. 


Has anyone else experienced this where one bad, unreasonable review has caused your Superhost status to be in jeopardy? Is Airbnb open to taking the overall track record into account and determining that the review is not a fair assessment of the persons stay?




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Re: One unreasonable review may affect Superhost Status

England, United Kingdom
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@Tiggy1 Some guests only give 4 no matter how good you are. Its near impossible to keep 5.00 so I suggest you don't stress about it and accept that 4.97 or whatever it goes to with the odd 4* review is fine. You need to be below 4.8 to one Superhost.

Re: One unreasonable review may affect Superhost Status

Woodchurch, United Kingdom
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I understand what you are saying but still feel quite undervalued by this 4* rating. We work so hard for our guests, listen to their Requests and then to their fulsome praise and then what .......!

I will stop stressing eventually and calm down but feel quite sad.

Re: One unreasonable review may affect Superhost Status

Chicago, IL
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@Darien1    I've been hosting since 2016.    I have 184 reviews, and an overall rating of 4.76.  That's 95.2%. I feel pretty good about that. 


I've been in and out of superhost status more than once, in that time. First time was self-inflicted, since I, as a newbie, cancelled a booking. My one and only cancellation ever.  I have a 100% response rating. I host mainly short term stays, so don't have trouble meeting the minimum stays requirement.


I think I have one 2 and a couple of  3 's, but the vast majority are 4's and 5's.    One of the 3's was related to someone being particularly grumpy after 4 days out of a 5 day stay were rainy. Not much I could have done about that.  They also complained a lot about things I didn't have in the listing, which are not on my amenity list. 


I think, over time, it is not unexpected to have a few of those, in spite of how hard one works. One can't possibly please everyone. What seems ridiculous is that there is so much emphasis on superhost status as reflecting "excellence". 


Since superhost status is measured over 12 months with quarterly review, it's a lot easier to be a short-time superhost than a long-time host with overall great performance.    I've seen quite a few listings where they have superhost status, but the listings themselves had ratings of 4.4, 4.5, 4.6. 


Currently, I am sitting at the following, for the superhost assessment :


Overall Rating: 4.8

Cancellation Rate: 0.00%

Response Rate: 100%

Stays Hosted: 23 stays


If everything goes well in September, one might think that would lead to regaining superhost status at the October 1st assessment, right ?


Not so fast.


I've actually been right at the same place before, but didn't get the little badge back at the next assessment. I was told by customer service that, although the website displays 4.8, the actual "behind the scenes" rating used for the calculation was only 4.78.  Better luck next time.  Underperforming by 0.02 ???  If that's supposed to be motivating, it isn't working for me. 


I'm now waiting for the October 1st assessment, to see if anything actually changes. Meanwhile, I'm just doing what I do. Trying to provide the best guest experience I can with the assets at my disposal. 


I just got through a month of a possible tornado, 2 days of power outages, extensive tree damage in the neighborhood, and construction next door. Well, and, of course, Covid-19 cleaning and travel restrictions. 


Meanwhile, I try not to let superhost status drive my life. 


Re: One unreasonable review may affect Superhost Status

Heraklion, Greece
Level 2

I recently got a 1 star review !!!

yes, 1 star !! from young people because they complained that I told them that air condition is extra 5 EUR per day....

This is clearly written on the site in House rules / Additional rules
and we do not say in the basics that air condition is included.


It is really not honest to punish me for this.
These young people were not really the best guests, they used the A/C but did not pay for it, I don't care that they did not pay, but I do care for this inadmissible review.

Is there a way to delete it as it is clearly wrong and not honest ?


I would have lost my Superhost status anyway because we had not enough bookings due to the pandemic, but a 1 star review is lowering a lot our rate and is an extremely bad punishment, especially when it is a lie !


When they arrived, it seems they knew it and asked me the leave the A/C remote controls in case they need them. I know they used them.


It is very disappointing to have such guests, on the phone one day before to leave, they tell you that everything is fine, and probably because they made some small damages, or did not want to ask them the extra for the air condition, they make such a not honest review.

I guess that this review will stop me from having new bookings and I will have to look for another channel because of these young people...
We are doing very hard to offer the best possible as you can see from other guests.


Also they write that the house is difficult to find, I had sent them the GPS location and they told me at check in time that the GPS drove them without any difficulty...


Also the renter was not the owner of the account, not sure if this is allowed..


Thanks for your attention



Re: One unreasonable review may affect Superhost Status

Sandstone Point, Australia
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I find it interesting to see what other hosts do to get 5 star ratings.  We do them all!!! Last calendar year we were fully booked all year (99%) with 19 AirBnB stays amongst the 100 or so stays (all booking platforms) we had.  Of the 19 stays, we received 17 x 5 Stars, 1x 4 stars and 1 x 1 star from young guests that partied all night and disobeyed all house rules.  This has meant, for 3 of the last four quarters (assessment periods) we have lost our Superhost status and AirBnB FLATLY REFUSE to remove the malicious review and INSIST on counting it towards our assessment, so for 9 months of the last year we are 0.01 below the 4.8 point average and AirBnB couldn't care less!!!!  All other platforms give you chance to challenge obviously malicious reviews.  I will be working on trying to get ZERO new bookings through AirBnb from now on. What a bunch of idiots who have the audacity to call themselves OUR PARTNERS.  What a joke!!!!

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