Parole as an Extenuating Circumstance Cancellation

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Parole as an Extenuating Circumstance Cancellation

I was just contacted by the support team issuing a refund due to extenuating circumstances. As one might guess, the booking was a short notice type, but those are fine mostly. Just to illustrating the immediacy of the booking and short notice cancelation in 24hrs time.


Anyway, here is live experience teaching and expanding on AirBNB policy. Extenuating circumstances allows a government issued letter to be acceptable for this refund. So, you'd think that would not be something too trivial a matter right? Well, it seems like there is a very trivial loophole here for parolees--or anyone else who can't  fly or travel out of state. In this case it was a coast to coast booking.


The guest is to be refunded having submitted the proper government document-court order to not leave the state!!! 


I fought tirelessly on the phone with the rep and got comped for one of three days they'd booked. Fortunately, I had another booking come through  the following day that covered the other days. What a headache! Certainly not a win for me, but a tiresome lesson. Do I really have to submit a suggestion/feedback to see this policy loophole close?

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The extenuating circumstances policy of Airbnb also covers the host, just to let you know. I know a lot of host who benefited from this policy as well by not receiving penalties for cancelling a reservation due to valid reasons under the policy.

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Extenuating circumstances should be covered by travel insurance (if the guest purchased it) or should be the guest's expense, not the host's.

But this is Airbnb, the guest is always right and all the rules are made in their favor.


I've seen posts where the guest was fully refunded because of rain forecast, because a friend of someone in the group died, even based on the evidently false death certificate, etc...

EVERY excuse is good enough for ABB to give a full refund to the guest.


On the other hand, at least you don't have to host a parolee





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