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Looking to connect with hosts in Puerto Rico. Please hit me up. Mainly want to connect with those more experienced who have gone through high/low seasons. And how they manage to stay on top of the tides.
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Are there any experienced hosts in the Aguadilla, Puerto Rico area? I'm searching for a property management company that can take care of cleaning my rental after each visit, handle any emergencies like a broken faucet or toilet, as well as doing some light yard maintenance. I'm new to renting our home to travelers so any guidance around this would be helpful. Thanks.

Hello ChemayO,

I was a host in Old San Juan for several years with consistent 4.5 reviews. Currently, I will  be

relocate to Aguadilla and your post caught my attention.  Have you located a property manager for your place?  Would you like to start a conversation with additional details on your requirements and very important exact location.

Look forward to chat.




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We created an Alliance for Short Term Owners and Operators in Puerto Rico. Our mission is to support this important segment of the Tourism Economy, advocate for responsible and fair regulations and educate stake holders on best practices to raise the bar on the guest experience and stay mindful of the greater community.


This is FREE MEMBERSHIP (a non profit organization) and we welcome questions and comments.


Please check out our website VivaPRalliance.




Alma Bair

Rene Acosta



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San Juan, Puerto Rico

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Hello fellow hosts!.. I’m wrapping up my first year of hosting. I was wondering if I have to pay taxes on the earned income. If so, will I be able to deduct the the start up expenses? Thanks ahead.

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Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico

Hello Julio,


If you are a sole proprietorship you report your Airbnb earnings as income and yes you can deduct your cost of service. If you are an LLC 'passing through' earning to yourself you can also do the same. If you are filing in PR, you must do so through SURI. Puerto Rico taxes LLC as a corporation. Speak with your CPA about this. 

Hello, I’m just about to wrap up my first year of hosting. I was wondering if I have to pay taxes on the earned money here in Puerto Rico. And if so, can I deduct the expenses that I invested in setting up. Any info would be greatly appreciated, thanks ahead…

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Hi Everyone,

I just came upon this post and was hoping that I might be able to get some input from folks that are hosting in Puerto Rico.  From what I understand, first you must sign up with the PR tourism company, obtain a hotel id# and then you can add the 7% tax in airbnb and then report it monthly to PR tourism.  I am wondering if it would be wise to set up an LLC and also looking for info/advice on setting up an insurance bond.  I am not aware of the requirements.  Any info/advice from others who are willing to share their experience would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you in advance.  Sean

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I have a question for any current hosts in Puerto Rico. Before Coronavirus, I was considering on buying a property in San Juan for Airbnb rentals. I’m worried that the pandemic may have affected travel and Airbnb sales as it has with many destinations. I wanted to ask what the current trends are for airbnb hosts? 

Are many travelers still visiting PR despite the restrictions? Has business taken a hit? In other words, is it worth it to invest in rental property at this time? 

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Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico

I am wondering the same thing.


I actually bought an investment home here in Cabo Rojo about a year ago and have been working on getting it ready. Will be ready for Spring. 


At this point I'm not sure if I should keep and Air bnb or sell it.


I have been searching the site to see if I can find what occupancy looks like for 2021 but I can't seem to find it. 


You get any new info on this?

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I know this probably isn't the right forum for this post but the conversations in here have been pretty educational with some brilliant folks posting. So I am going to ask...  My recently retired mother lives in Puerto Rico around Arecibo.  She has a nice 3 bedroom house in a gated community about 10 minutes from the beach.  She has paid off about 2/3 of her mortgage but is struggling to juggle that,  and other expenses. I wanted to pay off her house for her in exchange for getting put on the deed with the intent of posting one of her rooms on air BnB to help generate some income.  The target would be one week min stays for folks moving to the area or vacationing.  She will obviously be there to maintain the home maybe cook some arroz con gandules and give people directions to the local sites and best places for mofongo.


The question that I have is how would I go about securing the financing to buy out her mortgage.  I have been researching this on different web-sites but couldn't use find anything useful.   I am assuming it would have to be a local bank or coperativa on the island, and I am far from PR right now.  My mom is not very knowledgeable in the mortgage laws/options and I could use some pointing in the right direction to a local lender that may have some insight that they can share.  If anyone has any suggestions specific to this topic in regards to helping elderly parents out of a mortgage (not necessarily buying the home for market value), feel free to respond here or PM me.

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San Juan, Puerto Rico

Looking for for Hosting Company that can invest in long term rental building in Santurce Area of San juan


this is a 2 level building with approx 18 rooms


this Building is not For Sale!!


serious inquires only!!


Puerto Rico Property Vacation Rentals



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This company provides multiple  services and co hosting services. They also service most of the island. They help convert your properties or investment properties into a fully ready staged rental units. They also provide resort style cleaning services for your units. 

https://bnbrentalhost.com BNB Rental Host. 

Hello fellow members! I am looking for some accountant referrals as I am trying hard to navigate the local tax law! Any help would be greatly appreciated. I formed an LLC and trying to decide whether to elect a pass-through or C-corp style taxation in PR. I am not a resident so I don't know what implications I may have. Will I need to file an individual return on C-corp distributions as a non-resident? 

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Puerto Rico

Hello Everyone,


My name is Genesis Camacho and I founded a property management company in Puerto Rico, At Your Service LLC. I am seeking Airbnb hosts that need assistance managing their Airbnb listings and other platforms. We offer the following:


Only manage the communications portion. (Online Services)

Only manage the property management in-person portion. (Personal Services)

Only handle the housekeeping portion. (Personal Services)

All of the above or combine services.


We currently manage around 20 properties online only in Asia and have personally managed around 7 properties in the San Juan area, all for super hosts!


If you live in Puerto Rico, are an Airbnb owner and would like to discuss further please reach out at *sensitive information removed*. We are currently seeking in the metro area. You can also follow our Facebook and Instagram page.

*removed solicitation in line with the Community Guidelines*

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Thanks for the info! 

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San Juan, Puerto Rico

I was a superhost for an apartment in an isla verde condominium but the junta told the apartment owner she couldn't have an Air BnB, so now I lost my Air BnB.  Have you had any problems with this?

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That’s terrible! That’s one of my concerns with investing in PR. Part of me likes the safety and convenience of a condo but I worry about the value dropping if they suddenly forbid. airBnB. I kind of prefer to invest in a small single family home by the beach with no HOA but those don’t  come around often. 

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Carolina, Puerto Rico


Janice, Puerto Rico Beach Rent is a full service property management company, specializing in managing and marketing Vacation Rental condos and villas in Puerto Rico.


We can also help you to find the perfect property..  


Thanks in advance


stay @ puertoricobeachrent . com

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I bought my place Jan 14, 2019. I quickly got the HOA rules. I read it carefully and it looked like I was allowed to do daily rentals. I paid a San Juan real estate attorney to read my HOA and confirm what I read. He did and I was right. I also asked him for a letter in case my HOA forget what they wrote and I can present the letter or we litigate. My HOA does not have the money to litigate. Finally there is an undecided case in PR’s highest court about this issue. And there was legislature being considered to allow condo owners to do daily rentals.

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