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I am looking for recommendations for a large capacity washer and dryer solely for the purpose of doing bedding, towels, small rugs, etc that are used by guests. I do not need a lot of options, and settings. My Airbnb listing has quick turnarounds. My housecare team has a difficult time getting the wash done. I do have three sets of sheets for every bed, extra towels, etc but at the end of cleaning they are just waiting for the “wash”.  Thank you for your recs. 

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Re: Recommendations for appliances

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Hi @JoEllen7


Did you manage to find a new washer and drier that suits your needs in the end? If so, do let us know what you settled on, it might help other Hosts in a similar situation!


In case you're still looking, there were some discussions here and here around similar questions, which you might find interesting. 





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