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Hi Everyone!


Tim here, been hosting for over 9 years in San Francisco. I am forming a local group in San Francisco that will be focusing on safety, insurance, local community, and local regulations.


I am a community organizer and I even ran for supervisor in our district. I am an unabashed liberal, LGTBQ supporter, run my own homeschool, and I think am pretty nice person. And I enjoy hosting.


It’s incredibly expensive in San Francisco and housing politics is emotional and heart wrenching particularly with the  increasing numbers of homelessness and housing shortage.


I don’t have the solutions but I do know what is on the horizon here in San Francisco. More restrictions. Politicians are looking into revisiting the court agreement between Airbnb and City & County of San Francisco for hosting rules. It seems the push is for 60 days a year.


My group is going to focus on safety. As you are probably aware there have been deaths attributed to an unauthorized house party in Moraga. In fact, I even had a recent incident with a home burglary, pop-up brothel, car stolen, drug paraphernalia, and property damage.


This has been my 3rd incident in 5 years. Minor assault, theft, and during a recent trip to Hawaii, I almost died from an accident that required a 3 day hospital stay and a $20,000 bill.


it has been an arduous  journey collecting compensation from Crawford & Crawford and Airbnb. I feel it’s  akin to getting a tooth extraction.


My focus will be a host-driven approach to safety. Safety for hosts. Safety for guests. Safety for our community.


I am meeting with politicians and even critics of home sharing. We will be trying a new approach with new proposals.


Private insurance for each property with owners/hosts named and insured with an insurance company licensed to do business in the  State of California. 


Ban of off-site property managers and limits the number of properties a manager can host.


Property managers must be insured and receive training through listing platform. Could be online certification.


Only property owners can list in San Francisco. End the lease or profit sharing models between landlords and tenants. This could be lifted when city vacancies are higher than 6% and evaluated on a yearly basis.


Create a pilot program with trusted hosts viewing the  picture profile of guests with their full name at time of booking. 

All guests booking in San Francisco must have a government ID.


If you are interested, please let me know. We are going to be visiting the supervisors for the Western  Neighborhoods first.



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Thanks for your efforts.

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