Service Dog Fraud

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Service Dog Fraud

I've read several of the threads in this discussion room about service dogs.  I understand the ADA requirements, and I also understand Airbnb's requirements.  I also understand that we are only allowed to ask guests the two questions: "Is your animal required because of a disability?"; and "What tasks is it trained to perform?"


What I'm not too sure about, however, is what the point of the questions is.  What recourse is available to a host if a guest claims to have a service dog, but in the host's judgment, the guest is lying?  Who gets to decide if a dog is actually a service animal or not?

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Rawai, Thailand

@Benjamin1105 @Fred13 

At this point Im glad I live in Thailand I dont have to comply with any of them rules and regulation,

No Pets means No Pets,

There is a law against it in condo's but it's never really enforced until there is trouble, not long ago a tenant got find nearly $4000 for keeping a dog in a condo,

In my condo it is banned,

A friend of mine has a identical condo to me and she preferred LTR to airbnb now she has big trouble the tenant smuggled a cat in, the place stinks, she did throw them out.

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Placencia, Belize

I could only imagine the minefield people that live in mature societies have to maneuver through with so much forced accommodating to satisfy so many different genuine needs, legalities and of course hustles. I had one group that I had no clue nor could figure out who was what gender, who was with who and how they even  related to one another, and oh one of them had a rooster on her shoulder. A far departure from what planet I came from. Well guess what, they paid and had a great time and the chicken tuned out kind of a cool most welcomed guest - the rest is none of my business.

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