Should i reslist my property

Marbella, Spain
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Hi guys


Im new to the community, and had a bad luck booking that is bringing me down a lot. Since I've only had 3 bookings, and 1 of them posted a revenge review, is it worth starting over? I was upset and posted a long response, which I now regret. Nothing to be done about the review or the response through Airbnb support, so Im thinking of starting over and relisting the house from scratch. Would you if this was your place?



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Re: Should i reslist my property

Leeuwarden, The Netherlands
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If you relist the house under a new title, the current reviews will stay on your profile.

Only the reviews mentioned in the listing will start from scratch.

Your respons on the review from Y. is the same text as the review you wrote for Y.

If it is the truth story at least other host are warned !


It is possible to let Airbnb remove your review for Y., but why should you ?


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