Smart home product usage

Philadelphia, PA
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Hi Airbnb friends,  


My name is Mitch and I am working on gathering data to see how other hosts use smart/conencted home products within their homes and listings. I am interesting in the successes of implementing these new technologies as well as common problems experienced within the community. Any and all feedback in the comments below are appreciated, and pleaseee take a few short minutes to fill out this survey, as it will help me quantify.  While, I believe it is only a matter of time (maybe years) until a majority of homes in the US and listings implement smart home products. I am inquiring about current product usage within this community to provide not only a better guest experience, but also operational efficiency, piece of mind and energy savings. 


Thanks in advance, look forward to hearing your comments and feedback through the survey. 


Survey Link >>>>>>>> Airbnb Host Smart Home Survey





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Re: Smart home product usage

Toronto, Canada
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Hi Mitch

I am interested in learn your idea and see if we can potentially work together to integrate smart home with managing airbnb. 



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