Squatters in Puerto Rico

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Has anyone else had an experience with guest staying longer than their reservation but under the 30 day period? What solution did you come up with? 

AirBnB is still in the process of "investigation" and "contacting guest" while their phones are shut off and it is day 2. Police department was called and they are needing an eviction notice from court in order to remove guest. As a host I do not live in island, I reside in the states so I can not personally appear on the property but only allow property management to represent us.

We recently had a bad experience with a person who had "8 great reviews". They rented for 6 nights and asked to extend, however upon extending their reservation the cards declined and ended up 2 extra nights without pay. The guest solution was to "pay through PayPal" since their booking had already finished and their extension had already been denied due to lack of funds. Guest was upset when we requested for them to create a new reservation, resulting in another cleaning and service fee. AND I will not forget to mention their two "service dog" surprises AND an un-listed guest upon arrival to property, the "service dogs" were barking and acting aggressive towards property management!

We have a strict no pet policy, however ADA protects service dog owners. If we cannot ask for documentation according to AirBnb how can you identify a service animal?  I would have preferred the guest notify me first so we could have a transparent conversation but there was 0 courtesy notification from guest while booking. As a host I could have also prepared my home for animals. Finding out through property managers that there were dogs on the property was not ideal.



What a nightmare. Why does AirBnb not have representatives who can get involved IN PERSON to bring solutions to these serious cases such as squatting?


Any help or tips with smart-lock recommendations?

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Sorry, but it is not Airbnb's responsibility to remove guests from premises even if they overstay.  You need to work with your property management company and the local authorities to get the person to leave.  I don't know the tenant laws in PR, but most states say a short-term rental is 30 days and less.  

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@Linnoshka0  A service dog doesn't bark at people- a service dog must have specific tasks it does for the owner, who may have visible or non-visible disabilities. A service dog must be housebroken and they do not destroy furniture, chew on rugs, or anything like that- they are rigorously trained and also only bark on command (I suppose they might bark at someone who was obviously trying to harm their owner, but I'm not even sure about that).

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How did you end up resolving this situation?

Not having this problem myself, but just want to know just in case. Thank you in advance for letting us know!

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I would print out or screen shot a copy of the access times for their reservation to let police know this was more like someone renting a hotel room. I would ask what police would do when a hotel calls and reports a guest who an extra night. Never agree to let them use Paypal. Then they decided not to pay so not as clear to police. 

A lot of other host are dissatisfied with the pet policy. In a review you could mention they had aggressive dogs without notification. Airbnb policy doesn't require any notifiation for service dogs. Which has been a huge problem for a lot of host. 


I use Schlage Encode and Remote Lock key code service. It is tricky setting it up and learning where the different settings are the first time. 

But one of the reasons I like it is that each guest gets an individual access code that includes their check in and check out times. That way it makes it clear and guest realize there isn't wiggle room. Its an automated message that I also include all the check in info they need in their first message. 

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