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Stillwater Lake, Canada
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Hello from Canada fellow airbnb hosts! 

I have a lament to share with you. Been superhost status for years. Then pandemic hit. We recently (last week) had restrictions lifted for traveling so now I'm starting to get bookings again.  

Airbnb on April 1st stripped me if my superhost status.  I met all but 1 criteria that I must have 10 bookings- I have 4 so far but we just lessened our restrictions during the pandemic.  We were one of the last countries to do this whereas the UK was well ahead of us. I  think Airbnb has not given us the time to get our bookings up and running again.  Geesh, look at the areas Airbnb not just generalization across the board!!! Then when I reached out to discuss with them, 24 hour wait!!  Is that how you treat your loyal superhost after you strip them of the title 🤔  hmm, not professional in my opinion.  

Very disappointing indeed. Anyone else having this issue?

Thanks in advance for your replies!

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London, United Kingdom
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@Colleen165  I hope you’re doing well.


It seems like lots of hosts are in your position at the moment, there are quite a few posts from other hosts just like yours.


I’m sure you must feel very disappointed and let down.


I don’t think there is much to be done at this stage.


Do you think you’ll have hit the number of stays requirement by the next assessment period in July?


Best wishes 



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