TV streaming services: Netflix, AppleTV, Amazon Prime

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TV streaming services: Netflix, AppleTV, Amazon Prime

Newbie here! What do hosts do about streaming services for their TVs? Currently, we have logged in states for Netflix, AppleTV and Amazon Prime (but don't allow rentals or purchases). My concern is if visitors log out of our accounts, and then we would be unable to log back in for the next visitor (we are 200 miles away).


Should I assume that everyone is to log in on their own accounts? Or, do we do our best to provide some streaming, but not guarentee it?


Any advice would be great,

Leslie (North Tahoe)

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Roku devices are a game changer for all AirBnB since they came out with Guest Mode in 2019. Guests set their sign out date when they turn on the device and then login to their personal streaming services. No access to your accounts or payment info. When the sign out date comes, they are signed out of all services and the device is rebooted. I used this a few times at different AirBnB's I was renting. Better than Chromecast because you don't have to use your device to cast which is often unstable and drains the device. Your renters will thank you for this! Currently no equivalent I can find on other streaming devices (Apple TV, FireTV, etc.). Introducing Guest Mode on Roku devices

These are wonderful services. I even found out about Andy Yeatman and his shows online on and I am planning to watch these with my kids. These shows are going to be entertaining and very educating. I am sure my kids are going to get a lot of information from these shows.

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I've stayed in a couple of Airbnbs which had Netflix set up. One you could use the guest account which we could just click on and then another had the app set up and then you can just log in with your own details (then log out after) if you wish. Similar with Amazon Prime. 


As I have an account both worked well for me and even though you often spend little time in the listing when you are visiting a place, if you are on holiday for a while, it can be nice to relax in the even and put something on. 




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I see this is an older thread that has been revived. At our cabin, we have Netflix and one time someone did log out. A guest messaged me saying he could not get in and so I just went ahead and gave him the password. You can change the password after that guest checks out, on the Internet. 

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Hi, Leslie. We only offer streaming, as we cut the cord years ago at home and I don't want the added expense for something that expensive that we personally will not use.


We do have house accounts for Amazon Prime, Netflix, HULU, and SLING (for ESPN, ESPN is the most common deal breaker when it comes to TV services and booking. SLING offers more than ESPN), because these are things we use at home. Guests can log in to their own accounts, if they would like, but that rarely seems to happen. When they log out, which we do remind them to do in our check out check list, it does mean the next guest will have to log back in. In those instances I ask guests to call me so  can walk them through it, in case we have changed the password or something, as the same accounts are used for our home devices. It has worked reasonably well, though some of our older guests find it a little confusing. Most of our guests tell me that they aren't vacationing to watch TV and it isn't a big deal. I will point out though in our market we do not have as many children visiting as you might, say, near the beach or Orlando, for instance. I would think those kinds of locations might need cable to be competitive.


That said, I do not flag cable/satelite as an amenity we offer in our Airbnb listing, though we do on other sites. This is because on other sites you have an area to explain, Airbnb doesn't, so I don't flag it because I don't want to mislead people. In this way it manages expectations.


At our vacation rental we offer the things that are important to us as home owners who sometimes live there. I suppose if we got enough feedback saying people wanted it or were not booking because we don't have it, we might consider adding it if there was sufficient return on the investment. However, we stay pretty booked in-season and pretty well in off season too, so I don't think we will be offering cable any time soon. Hope that helps ;.)





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Lisa, really liked your comment about providing what is important to you as homeowners who often live there.  We do the same & it makes a winning perspective I think when making choices about what to provide.

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Giving them log in details gives them full Admin on your account and credit card.  Not safe in my opinion. Esp Amazon!!! They can buy stuff on you!!

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I have to agree with the comment that "We do not get any guests or potential guests who TV is a deal breaker for". Personally I only list a spare bedroom in my home and it just now got a TV which I'm adding Roku to so guests can stream their own stuff. I haven't had a single guest or potential guest complain about the lack of TV in their room. I just got on here to see if I could safeguard my Amazon account if I let guests use their streaming service. In all fairness if I were a guest somewhere (I have been twice now) I'd want a dedicated TV. 


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Are there any issues with guests having access to a smart TV that is logged into subscription service (Netflix, etc.)  Could guests access personal information, change settings, make purchases, etc?  And if so, do hosts with smart TVs typically logout of Netflix etc before guests arrive?



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 Hi Sundee, I have the same question and wonder if you ended up getting an answer to it?

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This thread is very helpful. I would like to add roku and maybe other things - like the sling idea. If I buy the roku do I also have to purchase a tv or can people stream on their own devices? So I have to provide a subscription or do people sign in to their own accounts. Thank you. 

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Hi @Leslie3,


I have installed a Google Chromecast ($35-$45)  which is a small HDMI dongle that plugs into the tv.  The guest then just needs to download the Chromecast app on their phone/tablet and they can send anything to the tv including Netflix and even their internet browser.  They use their own accounts for the subscription service they use.  They can even play their music through the tv.


We provide our guests with basic cable with the option to use streaming services that the guest already subscribes to.


Also, @Regina0 mentioned she has a SmartTv.  With the Chromecast, it turns a regular tv into a Smart TV providing it has an HDMI slot available.


Happy Hosting @Leslie3!





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I have a smart tv with access to Amazona and Netflix but guests use their own personal accounts to log in.  The tv was on sale at Walmart last year.

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