The smart lock debate: August vs Schlage vs others

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The smart lock debate: August vs Schlage vs others

A question that has been asked a few times already, but it never hurts to get more opinion.


Been using a lockbox for a while now, but it broke and now that I researched it, it seems that they're actually not that safe. So, I'm considering getting a smart lock. So far I've narrowed it to the Schlage COnnect Touchless Deadbolt ( or the AUgust Smart Lock (


As I understand it, with August I need the August Connection if I want to access the lock remotely. With Schlage, I think I need a home hub? I'm inclined to get the Schlage because it's a bit cheaper, looks more traditional, and already has the keypad, but I'm not too familar with home hubs... actually, I don't know anything about them.


August looks nice though, just different. And it's super easy to install, I'll give it that.


So, what do you guys think? Any recommendations?

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@Sepand0 I am adding my experience here.

We are hosts who use the August Smart Locks and have been very happy with them. I do feel getting the keypads is a must. The remote connectivity is very good (you do have to get the August Connect for remote accessibility but the system works without it.)

You do not have any monthly subscription to pay for, and one unexpected bonus has been that you can be notified when the lock is unlocked or locked. This really helps for determining if the guest has checked in or checked out.

Additionally, it can be programmed to lock itself after a time if the door is closed but the guest has not locked it.

Plus yes, the installation is very simple and involves no drilling. And you get to keep your existing deadbolt hardware (in case it is designed to match the doorknob).


Don't forget it (like others) automatically integrates with Airbnb, so guest access is automatically set up when the guest makes a confirmed booking, and the guest's virtual key is set up to start and stop at the appropriate day and time.

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I ordered the latest gen August smart lock with wi-fi connectivity + keypad. Three days after installation, the keypad mysteriously disconnected from the system and stopped working. Tech support said "password was typed in too fast, causing the keypad to become disabled and require factory reset". 


Is your keypad working reliably? @Matthew285 

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@Matthew285 Do you find the batteries in the keypad get drained quickly? I've been reading reviews and you never know what to trust, but that issue seems to be a theme in the reviews.

@Suzanne302 I would not say they drain especially quickly. There is a "power-saving" mode that I activate that helps with that.

I would say in the 9 months we have been using the keypad that we had to change the batteries twice.


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I've searched the discussions and can't find an answer that fits my needs, so forgive me if I'm repeating a question and point me in the right direction.


I have an old iron security door with a deadbolt.  The wifi remote control locks won't work because the door needs to be pushed in a bit for the bolt to slide.


I'm thinking lock box that is wifi controlled where I can set a code for each guest.  Does this exist?  I want to rent my home while I travel, and have the thermostat, the camera, now I need the lock / key system.  My other concern is when they leave, how will I know they've returned the key to the lock box and locked it?

There are three main competitors in this industry. Schlage, Kwikset and August. Since I've interacted with all three, I can share my experience with insights. 


Kwikset Smart Lock is a waste of money because it doesn't function as it should, it frequently crashes and as I've heard, it's easy to hack. In the battle of Schlage vs August, I can say that Schlage Connect is a superior smart lock that has bank-grade encryption and is impossible hack.


While August Smart Lock is a well-built  device and has thousands of satisifed customers, it's still no match for the Schlage Connect. In addition, every major publication states that Schlage is the industry-leading manufacturer. 

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Hello Sepand,  we use Smart locks on all external doors of our properties (so have 7 smart locks in total).  We use the Lockwood (Yale) zwave deadlock and have used them for the past 2 years.  They are very reliable and easy to use.  The controller we use for the locks is called Vera Edge which is one of many zwave controllers.  zwave is a home automation protocol so once you have Vera Edge setup (which is as simple as plugging it in) then you can control lights, thermostats, alarms, cameras etc etc.  The good thing about the Yale locks and Vera is that you can set up a PIN code per guest and define the dates & times when the code is active, eg, activate code at 2pm on 5 July and deactivate at 11am on 7 July.  This means a guest cannot enter early or re-enter outside these times.....greatly increasing security.  The other thing is that you can set up 'scenes' that get triggered when an event occurs.  The one we use is when the front door is locked then all other locks engage 1 minute later.  This helps with 'forgetful' guests who lock the front door but leave all the others unlocked.  The other useful features are the alerts where we have the locks set up to alert us when the door is opened (great for telling you when guests arrive), it logs every activity and there is a mobile app where doors can be opened/closed remotely (as well as new PIN codes setup etc).   


The other great product is Ring doorbell and stick up cams.  In conjunction with the zwave locks they provide a good way to remotely manage the property.  Ring doorbells and cams run on wifi and allow you to setup motion activation as well as remotely answer the doorbell and talk to the guest (they have microphones and speakers in the doorbell and cam).  Combine this with the zwave lock and you can answer the doorbell when the guest arrives, talk to them and open the door if they are having trouble with the lock.

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I,too, am thinking about going from a lock box to a keypad lock. While remote access sounds intriguing, wondering if that functionality is worth the added price?


What have others found the biggest benefit to be?



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I have looked at smartlocks, but the buttons always seem so small, I worry about guests being able to punch in the code correctly. Has anyone had this trouble, or am I just obsessing?

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I think you're obsessing 🙂 

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great question i am interested. I currently have kepad locks that are schlage but they can not be changed remotely. Schlage are good quality locks and hold up exposed to weather.

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