Trading Vacation Rental Properties Permanently For Others That Other Hosts Have

Knoxville, TN
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I have real estate of all kinds that is free & clear of mortgage. Some of it is vacation rental property like I have listed here on Airbnb.


In some cases, I have multiple condos in some locations that I might want to trade for other vacation properties or for other types of real estate or even other kinds of assets altogether. If you have such properties or assets yourself that are debt-free & might like to trade with me, I'd like to hear from you.


In some cases, I might be interested in trading time in your place for time in mine in a bartering arrangement. In other cases, I might be interested in trading time in my places for other travel benefits you might have, such as if you're an airline employee, some of your unused flight benefits like annual registered guest companion or buddy passes. I'm an experience non-rev airline standby traveler, so I know all about how that works, too.


However, I'm mainly interested for now in trading to own other vacation rental properties. You would deed me yours & I would deed you my real estate of whatever kind you were interested in. For instance, I have a cabin on an ocean bay in Maine near the Canadian border, Caribbean island beach lots, etc., I would trade.


I'm probably mainly interested in acquiring more vacation rentals in beach areas in the Southeastern USA, though I would consider a lot of other things all over the USA, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Cuba, Central & South America, Europe, etc. 


I will look forward to hearing from others who might have the same goals that I do. I hope there is some mechanism by & though which we as Airbnb hosts can communicate privately directly on this subject. Thank you!

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Re: Trading Vacation Rental Properties Permanently For Others That Other Hosts Have

Melbourne, Australia
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Good luck... but for all the hassles, time and trust and safety issues I would never go off the Airbnb platform. We rent our home out while we are away to pay for our trip while we travel. Much better way to go I'd say.

Re: Trading Vacation Rental Properties Permanently For Others That Other Hosts Have

Union City, NJ
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Hey @Mark108  This is so interesting!    I've been an airbnb host for six years and we've just closed on our third property (we now have a single family and two x two family properties).  Our single family is a traditional mortgage, but our other properties are mortgaged by the original owners.    We hope to do the same soon - pay off our mortgages and then act as the bank ourselves.


I wish that I had something to barter with you, I'd be up for a cabin in Maine!

Re: Trading Vacation Rental Properties Permanently For Others That Other Hosts Have

Berkeley Springs, WV
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Hey Maria, can you share more with me?  My Mom passed away and I am currently doing Airbnb at her home. I also own a condo that I have a property management company renting and overseeing for me at this time b/c I left VA to move in with my Mom to support her. She died October 2015, for too early.  She left her gorgeous 5 bedroom mountain home to myself and my 2 sisters. I want to buy them out and continue Airbnb here but that means a second mortgage on my own. It's a lot of work working full-time and running an Airbnb and dealing with the property management company for my condo that is now almost a 3rd paid off. Do you have any advice?  My boyfriend owns a house 20 minutes away in MD and took a job in Jan in Southern, MD, which 3 hours away so he's now gone a lot. Potentionally we could Airbnb his house, my condo, and I could try again for a loan on my own to obtain my Moms, which I own 1/3 of at this time. My sisters do not care about any of this; they just want the money. Problem is the 4-sale sign has been up for 2 months with no bites. My Airbnb here is always booked. Any thoughts or advice for me?  I love what you wrote and are doing. I am an unlicensed 53 year old single social worker due to personal struggles I never got my license and I work hard for very little. Airbnb has allowed me to survive at my Moms estate, 5 bedroom beautiful Mountin Home across from Cacapon State Park in WV. I rent the lower half of the house and it rents well. The entire home or as 2 places would rent well I think. Thoughts?

God bless and take care


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