Two bed or not two bed, that is the question

Two bed or not two bed, that is the question

I received an enquiry from a couple with two teenage children, for a double bed and two twin beds. I only have two bedrooms with a double bed in each, so despite really wanting to stay with us they decided to look elsewhere. If you have the intention to buy a new bed and your room is spacious I would recommend buying two single matresses which can be zipped to-gether to make a double bed . This would then allow you to accomodate two friends travelling to-gether, family members who prefer their own space as well as couples who prefer sleeping to-gether. 


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I have a queen in my one bedroom guesthouse that I limit to two people max, but occasionally I'll get requests where I need two beds, for example a mother and son or a brother and sister. In that case I keep a good, inflatable aerobed on hand with extra sheets, pillow and comforter on a shelf in the closet where my guests can easily find them.

Your suggestion is a smart way of handling this. We have a one bedroom and a two bedroom apartment. The two bed room has a queen and two twins in the second bedroom. I have known travellers moving the two twins together (their choice) and making it a larger bed. But more often than not, it has been super handy for family requests with two kids. Happens all the time here in South Lake Tahoe. 

Never heard of the "zipped together" option, but a great idea. Can you share where you bought/saw this option? 



This is going to be a first. I'm going to try and add a photo, but if it doesn't work, I tapped into the google search "zipped to-gether mattress", they are on sale in different shops all over the world so you'll be wise to search in the country where you live. Unfortunatly I had just bought a double bed before realising the utility of a zipped one, but there probably wouldn't have been enough room anyway. Oct. 30 19.31.jpg

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That's the elegant version ! We had two single beds bound together at the legs and a mattress topper over the whole surface. They could be used without topper and disconnected.

When I hunted for a new, better mattresses in the South of France, it was impossible to find the same sizes. The single mattresses were shorter - must be some crazy notion that if you are single, you are short but when you are a couple, you grow.  (You do grow, but not litterally, in size).

Finally I found the mattress I wanted, as long and as large as my two old ones together. No more separations. I got a single folding out chair from Ikea which came handy for a father with daughter booking.

Maybe you should add the foldout in the living room after all - one kid can go to bed and the other fall asleep before the tv, that's what they mostly do at home.


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