Unable to Post San Francisco STR Registration on my listing

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Just adding my frustration.  Not enough space to add the whole disclosure language to the description section (character limits and will have to delete my whole summary).  Plus the number gets blocked after posting-- like a phone number.  So as suggested by SF City I looked for the 'permit field'--there is none.  So thanks to a tip from the community,  I added the STR Registration Number to my location section but I doubt if that will meet San Francisco requirements since location is only seen by confirmed guests.  I called AirBnB and they didn't know what I was talking about and were no help whatsoever.  Can't even email them from the site any more and they sure don't list their phone number--had to go to a search site to track them down.  Their customer support (or lack thereof) makes me want to switch hosting platforms.  Its hard enough complying with new regulations, the website/navigation is glitchy--and they give so little help (unless of course its voting time and they're on the ballot).  Any recommendations on other hosting sites?  CC

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Re: Unable to Post San Francisco STR Registration on my listing

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Hi @Cc0, You are correct that entering your STR number in the location field does not cause it to show up in the description which is required by the San Francisco Office of Short-term Rentals.  <sigh>  I did figure out that if I type the letter "O" instead of the number "0" I can get my STR to not be removed (i.e., mistaken for a forbidden phone number).  


I'm sure you have received the "call to action" emails to support home sharing due to the pending legislation that would require platforms to confirm hosts are registered before listing a property.  


Regarding other hosting platforms, I do also list on VRBO which costs $399/year and they now (as of the expedia ownership) charge guests a % for each booking, just like airbnb.  From what I can tell, if you are not a "small operator" (< $30K in revenue/year), listing on any platform other than airbnb will require you to make monthly filings to pay the transient occupancy tax (hotel tax).  VRBO will allow you to collect the tax, but VRBO *does not* remit the collected tax on your behalf.  My recommendation is to wait to list on other platforms until the pending legislation is resolved because it may require the platform to *collect and pay* the tax and VRBO is not capable of doing that.


Re: Unable to Post San Francisco STR Registration on my listing

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Have you found where the "Business Account Number" can be entered in Airbnb yet?


I have been searching for this the entire morning and cannot find the option anywhere. I am sure I saw a text box to enter it somewhere in the past.



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