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hi there

I seem to be being underpaid by AirB&B. Gusts are being charged for the double room only ie.$NZ65 per night.  I have a second twin bedded room which I charge $25 per head per night, but this does not seem to get included in the charge out rate, even though my hosting page clearly states this extra charge quiet clearly. I am getting rather tired of asking for more money from parties of three or four guests who arrive on my doorstep.

There must be some way that this can be amended  to avoid the embarrassment of collecting money from guests.

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Re: Underpayment

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Hi @Wendy23,


Please do not take this the wrong way but you have this setup wrong.  Just because your listing states the rates, you need to have it automatically charge the rate.  The way I see it, you actually have three listings.  


1) Both rooms together

2) Double room

3) Twin bedded room


You would want to ensure that you have Instant Book turned off to avoid double bookings.


Listing 1 would be for someone who wants to book both rooms.  You could set your rate $90 for the first two guests and then $25 for each guest over.


Listing 2 would be for a person who wants only the double room and you would have this set for $65 per night


Listing 3 would be for a person who only wants a twin bed and no ensuite bathroom and you could charge them laround $40 per night.


Now, if someone books listing 2 or 3, you would need to block off your calendar for those dates on listing 1.  If someone books Listing 1, you would then need to block off those dates on both listings 2 and 3.


I hope this makes sense @Wendy23.




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