Uninformative listings, beds and seating

L'Albir, Spain
Level 2

We're hosts, and know all about the vagaries, hassle and nonsense with listing amenities, beds and suchlike. Finally thinking of trying out the travel side, we are very frustrated at not being able to filter for, eg, extra large bed (like queen, king, superking) and the places that look great until you see the photo of the living room/ lounge with nothing resembling a sofa or armchair - we understand most aren't weird like us, who put in recliner chairs, but wouldn't  it be great if we could actually tick a box that said that lounge seating was single purpose, for sitting on- not day beds, or futons with cushions,  where we'll be numb and aching before we've watched anything? Didn't know it was going to be so difficult to search and find a place where we can rest and relax on comfy seating, and sleep in a bed big enough for both of us! So many ludicrous amenity listing requirements we comply with as hosts, and now we find we can't filter for our own needs. Anyone have any constructive suggestions? 

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Re: Uninformative listings, beds and seating

Zagreb, Croatia
Level 10

@Sheona-and-Richard0  I just realized there is no option to filter kids-friendly listings anymore so yes, you obviously ask too much 😄

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