Vacation Rental License + Florida + Pool

Fort Lauderdale, FL
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Fellow hosts...especially those in Florida, question for you:
Has anyone received the vacation rental license with a pool on the property? We are about to go through the inspection process and our concern is the pool.  There are two options, 1. the child barrier fence which we don't have and it's a small pool so installing the fence would be too much or 2. the window/door alarms.  This would be our option.  Which ones have you used if you did?  Also, what's with the landline? It's a requirement but on the pamphlet but really, who has a landline and can we pass without?

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Re: Vacation Rental License + Florida + Pool

Miami, FL
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Good Morning, 


i have the sane question. Wondering what was the outcome of your inspection? 

Thank you. 

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