Warning signals from contacts asking....

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Washougal, WA

Warning signals from contacts asking....

We are new hosts and yesterday I received this enquiry but it set off alarm bells. So I thought I would share. There doesn't seem any way to attach information when reporting or raising concerns about someone either - maybe I'm missing something?.


quote "I was hired by a couple in 2015 to do a maternity shoot in an Airbnb in Seaside. It worked out well. Now I want to do a shoot in Portland. I need at least a 12’x12’ space clear of furniture with an adjacent area at least 5’ x 12’, partially open. I will have a few (2-5) models join me off-and-on. So, would I have enough room?" end quote


Anyway I replied that we couldn't host commercial ventures, that seemed appropriately vague!


Interested to know if this is common?




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Kraków, Poland

But if you are asking if something like that has happened before, so yes, indeed, some hosts get here and seek advice in similar cases. They either have beautiful listings attracting film crews, or something original and unique. For sure, you are not a single case, @Mandy76.

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@Mandy76, it does seem odd, especially that it would be rare for a functioning Airbnb unit to have a 12 by 12 area without furniture! They really need a barn.... 

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