The day has come to change the laminate countertops that came with our cottage. I have hated them since the beginning. They pretend to be stone (they aren't) and they have a fussy edge which does not gel with the super rustic, un-planed reclaimed wood cabinets. They are also surprisingly difficult to keep sterile as things stick to them and are hard to see due to the color. The pros are they have been beat up by guests and it really doesn't show much except for the edges starting to wear.


What do you recommend as far as a countertop material in your ABB? Looks and durability are of equal importance. We have ruled out:

marble (too delicate),

concrete (our old handmade cabinet boxes won't hold it)

and more laminate.


In our other houses we have butcher block (beautiful but burns easily and needs oiled), quartz (great but a bit too modern looking for the space) granite (a possibility in a solid color honed finish, but not sure how that holds up.)


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Re: What kind of countertops do you recommend?

Frederick, MD
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Just an update. I finally picked counters. Getting a brownish/warm black granite with very little in the way of pattern (about as solid as granite gets) in a leathered finish. I think it will be the best option to stand up to guests and look good with the existing elements. Thanks for everyone who weighed in! I will post pics when the kitchen refresh is all done in November.

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