When hosting is a growth giving experience

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Hey Fellow Hosts!

We’ve all had our share of awful guests but I want to remind you why the awesome ones make it all worth it. Here’s a list of some good guests:

1) married (pregnant) couple from Costa Rica on shopping trip to SoFl -now Facebook friends 

2) Solo woman from Toronto works with professional sports team - now Facebook friend 

3) Businessman on sales trip. Brought his own prayer rug. Prayed in the tradition of his religion in my home in view of my mezzuzot,  then watched me light Shabbat candles. 

4) 2 Golf buddies from Finland - left the place spotless

5) American married couple, on a convention weekend , Christian missionaries who devote their lives to spread the love in the Caribbean 

6) married couple from Bogata, in Fl to close on a house. Brought me a gift- a 5lbs of Colombian coffee 

7) married couple from Connecticut awaiting moving truck for a few days before moving into their new place. Every family and friend of theirs coming to visit them now books with me. 

So grateful for the good guests. 



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Re: When hosting is a growth giving experience

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Hi @Jill295 and thanks for this post. I think it's important that we remind ourselves, amongst all the horror stories we read, about the wonderful, positive experiences we get through hosting. I too have met some pretty awesome people along the way from whom I have learnt about different cultures and religions, opened my eyes to a range of things and generally enriched my life. I have also had guests who I now count as friends and have invited to come back and stay as friends. This I think is the original spirit of Airbnb - a true sharing economy, a chance to be open to possibilities and to give and receive trust.

Re: When hosting is a growth giving experience

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wonderful post @Jill295 I love these great stories of guests...so easy for us to focus on the negative, and helping to resolve the negative we can sideline the positive sometimes 🙂


I love your number 3- this is what feels great about Airbnb, people coming together from all different parts of the world, cultures, religions and so on and finding common ground and respect through the the simple need of having a place to lay our heads 

Re: When hosting is a growth giving experience

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Hi @Jill295, Great reminder of the wonderful people we host.  We have many that check-in as guests and check-out as friends.  

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