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Hi everyone, 


I logged in a bit earlier today because I wanted to post a new topic - before I head out for a third vaccination dose - only to see that @Laura2592 asked a very similar question a few hours ago. You can't stop great minds thinking alike, I guess... πŸ€·πŸ»β€ 😁


We all have different styles and approaches when it comes to communicating with our guests. Some send a message right after check-in to see if everything is ok. Others prefer a "don't poke the bear" approach, leaving it up to guests to communicate if they need anything.


Some of us even add this in our House Rules, especially if we’re not open to a late check out or have other specific ways of managing listings.


There is no right or wrong way of doing this as different things work for different people, and in most cases, it will depend on the guest and the booking length, but generally, we can all learn a few tips from one another and share stories when our approach has been on the money… or not.


When do you think is the right time to contact your guests after they've checked in? 


I am looking forward to reading your replies. 


Thank you 


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Re: When is the right time to check in with your guests?

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Yes, everyone's circumstances are different, so keen to know what works in different situations. Thank you for sharing @Jessica-and-Henry0 


I like the touch with key points of transportation from the airport. Have you thought of offering the ride as an extra service and charge additionally for it? I'll linking a recent discussion on this to see what others are saying.  

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Re: When is the right time to check in with your guests?

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@Nick my guest know that there is an information packet upon arrival that explains things about their space and what's going on around town during their stay. I tell them do not hesitate to reach out if they need something and my cell number is in the packet. The following morning I check in with them, this way they have had the time to use most of the space and the amenities and know if they need something more. (I do not do this with single night stays, they are directed to the packet only and we also live on sight) 


Re: When is the right time to check in with your guests?

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@Nick , @Liv , i always welcome in person my guests, as i think this is the  spirit of the founders of this platform.Before that, i send 2  quick response messages, one to thank them for the booking(when booked) and the second a few days before their arrival, giving instructions how to  get home from the airport. The day of arrival i am awaiting them in the bus stop to take them home . Then i present them the house and the amenities plus some info printed and digital for the neighborhood and the "must see" places.
This is in a few words my approach with my guests and considering my overall 4.91 * in 95 reviews in this platform,apart about 30 in other platforms, i think i do it well.
Greetings from rainy Athens ,Greece! 

Re: When is the right time to check in with your guests?

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Bonjour Γ  tous et toutes !

Before the COVID pandemic I was welcoming my guests and do a quick tour of house. Now it's self check-in and out.

I send them a welcome booklet days before their arrival. The day of their arrival I'm sending them a welcome message before,their arrival  that the B&B is ready to welcome them. and gIve them again all the instructions for check-in  to reassure them + ask them to send me a sms to tell me that everything is ok.

During their stay, I always send a message to have some news : Are they  enjoying Burgnudy ? for example.

I always like to know if they need something, having a great time.

The last night of their trip, I 'm always sent  a last message with all the instructions of departure (cleaning,  hour of the check out)

Et voilΓ  my french version πŸ˜‰AVIS.jpg

Re: When is the right time to check on your guests?

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Almost the same schedule, as  @Inna22 .

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