Why I am resigning from Co-hosting lower end properties

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In the past 10 days, I have dealt with dog and human feces, dog urine, dog destruction, smoking in two apartments, excess guests and a level of filth I've not seen in a long time.  

Then I had some wonderful guests whom I ran into while they were checking out and I was putting the garbage to the curb.  

! quote them " Everything was great except we had to work remotely in the house when the weather was so nice out."  I was so pumped after the last two guests and all the previously mentioned issues at another property within the week.  Five hours later, these wonderful guests send me a message to say "We think you have bed bugs and the wife was bit badly and we want a refund." Photos sent of a bug supposedly taken in the bedroom and of her bites which are inconclusive, I message them to say  "The listing is closed until we get an inspection but they are swamped and it may not be for 3-6 days.   We will let you know the outcome of the inspection and refund if there are any."  Not good enough so they contact AIRBNB and officially close it.  This is fine.  AIRBNB pays for the inspection if no bed bugs.  But I cannot wrap my head around why they would tell me (after taking a photo inside during the stay, that everything was perfect!! Anyway, we are going through the process, inspection on Sunday and we shall see what happens.  


Today.....I arrive to another listing to put the garbage out and they've left it on the porch.  As I approach the porch I see a large rectangle of dirt and straw on the floor of the porch and just beyond that the inside front door mat rolled up and placed by the recycling.  (now backtrack - we became aware there was an unaccounted dog and guests there for "one night" a couple of days ago).  I unrolled the mat to dog feces falling out on the porch and two or three other squished in piles on the mat.  I knock on the door and the young lady comes out.  I ask her about the mat and she tells me its been replaced already.  Ok, but what about leaving it rolled up in the sun??? As I happened to have a garbage bag in my hand I just dealt with it.  But now I'm curious about this rectangular pile of dirt and straw because my first thought was that someone had a plant and it fell over but NO...it was a raccoon..   Yep!  They, or should I say, an unaccounted for guest brought a live trapped raccoon to the property while waiting for a rescue to pick it up.  I'm literally agog!  

I have spoke with the person who booked and he has assured me there is no other issues, no damage and no other guests staying.  But honestly, I'm done.  I have given my notice for cohosting to the two hosts for these two properties effective when they can take over.  I will maintain my higher end listings.  People are nuts!  And these listings are the most work intensive with the lowest pay. You can't pay me enough to keep dealing with this crap (literally)!!


I'm wondering if @Laura2592 is trying to pass the torch to me - another Laura.  If so, I don't want it!!


Laura (of Normen and Laura)

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Re: Why I am resigning from Co-hosting lower end properties

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So sorry for all of your terrible experiences … guest forget that there are some humains that will clean after them …



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