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    Hello, One of my guests wants to come for Eurovision in May 2017. He made his reservation in May 2016. Now that date of Eurovision is changed and my guest wants to change the dates of stay accordingly.Although I have flexible cancellation policy (full re... Latest reply by Runway-Villas0
    Hi, My guest did not like the place and decided to leave, so I made 0$ but I am still charged by the Landlord. 1) Does that conform with the policy ?2) I have been on the phone for 40 minutes now, waiting for Airbnb to pick up.3) How do I contact Airbnb t... Latest reply by Helen3
    1. I have sent AirBnB in excess of 10 emails over the past few months and they have never got back to me. 2. AirBnB owe me money for a refferal and have still not paid after months of waiting. 3. AirBnB should have upgraded me to SuperHost status as I am ... Latest reply by Lynne2
    Could somebody tell me how to contact directly the Airbnb customer services? It's been a long time that I meet all the requisits to become a super host and nothing has changed. I searched everywhere on the website and I can't find how to get in contact wi... Latest reply by Peter1
    Hello there,I have my property listed with the correct address of 'Calle Procesiones, 5, Puntallana, Isla de la Palma 38715, Spain.'However, when I search for 'Puntallana' it doesn't show up although other properties in Puntallana do. Any ideas why I can... Latest reply by Nicos0
    I had a guest who after being shown how to work the boiler managed to break the on off switch. he's literally sheered it off (probably using too much force). He admits the fault and because of this didnt want to stay in the flat that night (due to lack o... Latest reply by James241
    We just got a couple of 1 star rating accross the board! Bad everything basically. We show 40+ reviews with amazing compliments and all of the sudden, Airbnb has software issues, our past guests show as upcoming, we review a guest and Airbnb requests an... Latest reply by Emma-and-Ron0
    i changed my pricing in the pricing tab but dont see this reflected right after in the calendar? is there a day delay or something? Do i need to click "save" somewhare? i dont get italso, do people find pricing tips useful? i have the feeling that they br... Latest reply by Mya3