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    As I am member for a couple of years and have some lovely reviews, we would be happy to keep them. Is it possible to get the property in somebody else´s name? Everything stays the same, even I keep doing the meet and greets, but the owner will be in charg... Latest reply by Nancy64
    Hi all!I know this seems to be a common topic, but my listing is not appearing. I have been told it is because I have declined too many offers. What I really don't understand is, where does it say that we are penalized for saying "no" to an offer? I hav... Latest reply by Rosemary12
    Hi all, I recently had 3 girls staying at my apartment and they had been very communicative before and during their stay. However when I returned to my apartment I found my bathroom lamp completely smahsed. What was a lamp before is now just a bare lightb... Latest reply by Jeannette12
    Under bookings in the settings of our account, we are given an option to create a pre-booking message. It will not allow me to do anything with this. Everytime i click on it, it does nothing?? A tech glitch??? Anyone else with this problem. Latest reply by Marit-Anne0
    Dear Community please, would you to advive me if I have any chance to put Super Strict 60 Days also for booking of less of 28 night.The option super strick ( 50% refund until 1 week prior to arrival, except fee) is not enought for our situation.please adv... Latest reply by Gerry-And-Rashid0
    Do you guys prefer long term (> 14 days) guests or short term guests? Just wondering what sort of guests you generally get when they want to stay for say a month or few months? What's everyone experience like? Latest reply by Clare0
    Hello community:Well, it was bound to happen eventually: We had the guest from hell. The spawn of satan. We rent a detached guest house on our property, and always try to give our guests privacy. So in this case, we weren't aware of what was going on. Bu... Latest reply by Christian65
    I have 1 Payout that have been pending since 10/27/16 and 1 pending since 11/1/16. It is now 11/8/16. Is there any reason for the delay? Previous payments were paid out in the time promised. Latest reply by Christian65
    Hi all. After about 2 months of hosting I still consider myself fairly new to all of this. I've looked at other profiles and have read reviews made by others where the host has had the opportunity to reply to a review. How can I reply to a review that ... Latest reply by Helen3