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I have stated in my Listing that I charge £10 per night for extra guests (after two). This is to cover costs. However, a recent guest enquiry thinks that my charge per night is £20 for 3 guests. I don't seem to be able to make it clear on my Listing what the precise charges are. It does say that it is £10 per night for extra guests after two but Airbnb appears to have quoted 26 Euros (£20) for three guests. How can this happen?

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Re: customize extra guest fee

Union City, NJ
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The nightly rate shown when making an inquiry is a round up of the standard rate, the cleaning fee (if any) divided by the number of nights, and the extra guest fee. 


I just looked at your listing and put in fake dates for four nights for three people and it averaged to US$43 per night.  I'm in the US so it won't show in any other currency but it seems that's the equivelent of GBP31.  That seems low, no?   You may need to contact customer support for help.

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