disconnecting Channel Manager

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Belgrade, Serbia

disconnecting Channel Manager

I want to disconnect my listing from Beds24.com channel manager, since I am not using the manager anymore.
I want to add a new listing, but your system not allowing me to do it on airbnb web-site but through beds24.com (which I stopped using)

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Actually we pay that much money on this platform but we have to support one an other becasuse they have no support?

thats how you make money. 

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Cape Town, South Africa

Hi Guys, 


Go to your face or profile picture in the top right corner. 


- Account

- Privacy and Sharing


Near the bottom you will see your connected PMS systems 



Thank you, that was helpful and so simple!!



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Chipping Norton, United Kingdom

At least a solution instead of people repeating the same problem!! Thanks, that was helpful!

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Júzcar, Spain

Thank you for this bit of info, very heplful.



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San Diego, CA

Thank you Collin! So glad to find your post!!

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Penacova, Portugal
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Penacova, Portugal

I am having same issue with Smoobu. Anyone has managed to sort this? I had Smoobu connected to Airbnb in their trial period. Now I can't find where to disconnect from Smoobu, and I could not find any help contact available (unless if I pay?) from Smoobu to disconnect...

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Lima, Peru



This is a big deal, Please Help 

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Stockholm, SE

I disconnected Smoobu temporarily as I needed to apply custom rulesets for the summer and winter season (which smoobu doesn't support) and it seems to work fine (from airbnb) after smoobu was disconnected.

I'm curious though; those of you who left smoobu which service do you use instead as a channel manager (if any)?

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Penacova, Portugal

I am trying BeeRent.com, but I am having issues to connect to Airbnb since I have been unable to disconnect from Smoobu which I was using before.

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Ronne, Denmark

I  am experiencing the same problem as Cynthia and have deleted Smoobu from my connected apps, but Airbnb still won't let me enable smart pricing again

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Beirut, Lebanon

Hi Dusan & Vesna,

I’ve been facing the same problem. Have you managed to disconnect? Cause i deleted my Smoobu account too which is an equivalent to Beds24, and Airbnb still won’t let me manage my account on its app or website, but would send me an error message reverting me to Smoobu which is obviously not possible anymore because Smoobu has deleted my Airbnb history. Any advice? Thank you!

Good afternoon,

I'm having the same problem here, trying to disconnect a previous channel manager, could I ask you why you are leaving Smoobu? was really considering this as a channel manager.

Thanks in advance 




I had the same problem and solved it. You have to go to your account settings by clicking on the profil picture. Then you have to choose connected apps. Now you can delete the app you arent using anymore (in my case it was smoobu too).


Kind regards


Hi Christian


When I click on "Settings", there are no sections called "Connected App"... What is the solution now? I want to disconnect from Rentals United (I was doing a trial but it turns out they don't handle my currency)  but I am not able to do it. When I message Airbnb, they say it has to be done by Rentals United and Rentals United says that it has to be done on Airbnb... 





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London, United Kingdom

Please guys can you please tell me how did you solve this issue? We have the same problem after disconnecting Eviivo from Airbnb and our calendars are now blocked for more than a week. Constantly contacting Airbnb and still no solution. Eviivo assured us everything has been disconnected from their side.... Appreciate your help!

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