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Hello Everyone:

recently I had 3 cases with Airbnb Trust and safety specialists, I was so impressed by their way in handling my cases

1: a guest canceled one hour before check in, requested refund due to bad air quality in San Francisco Bay Area. I communicated with her and offered partial refund even she could have canceled few day or weeks ago as wild fire was going on for weeks  that time. Second day about 5-6 am, I was waked up by a barely English understandable gentleman from Airbnb, informed me that I had to full refund my guest due to extracurricular circumstances. No email no other communications, he just made this decision.

2: a guest booked for one person, but last minute informed me 5 would come. I couldn’t make alteration. Guest agreed pay additional fee through our conversation thread. I requested money from him. I couldn’t get his payment, then called Airbnb helping me, but they said could not contact the guest, nothing they can do.... few week passed, nothing happened.

3: I had a guest stole my antiques and art pieces, painting picture frames. The Safety and trust person called Jayden, sent me same email with little or without any modification, like a robot, asked me documentations. I inform him at the very beginning, I just called Airbnb, didn’t call police. After sending tremendous pictures and evidences, finally Jayden only requested police report, without police report, case will be closed. 

Any comments? suggestions?

thank you! LAN 

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Re: experiences with trust and safety specialist

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I hosted a guest Veronica dates May 3-7,2019. The guest damaged white linens with makeup that is not waterproof. 4 bath towels, 3 wash cloths, 1 hand towel and a queen duvet cover that they ironed on and melted the filler. I submitted the request for money to the guest but the guest denied the request. I then got Airbnb involved and sent them the required photos and documents. The Trust and Safety Specialist Holden asked me to send time stamped photos of before and after. Here is my repsonse:

Thank you for handling my case. I have been a Host with Airbnb for many years and have a good relationship with Airbnb and have posted may pictures of damaged linens but this the first time that Airbnb has asked for time stamped photos, the timestamp photos of before and after has never been a requirement. I will not be able to provide you with time stamped phots as our camera or phone are not set up for this feature as of yet. I manage 10 rental units and we have seen countless towels and bed linens damaged sad to say ( mostly by Airbnb guests). The makeup that is on the market now is not washable and is waterproof. We have a professional washing service that does our laundry. The items that we know are not washable are discarded because washing them is a wasted effort of time and money. They will come back stained and not usable for our guests. We have replaced these items with linens from our stock so that we can be ready for the next Airbnb guest.

Please take a look at my photos of the rental units. I provide each guest with high quality fresh linens. Since I have taken the replacement items from my stock so to be ready for the next guest. I will go today to purchase the replacement items and send the receipts to you. Will this work? Please respond as soon as possible.

I have attached pictures of the linens after they were washed


Here is Holden's response:
Hi Wil,

Thank you for your response. Unfortunately without the time stamped photos I cannot be sure that Veronica was the one to cause the damages. I notice that you have claimed for very similar items in the past several times. In the future I would recommend that you provide before and after time stamped photos if you file another claim for damages. In addition, please keep in mind that white sheets, towels, etc are easily stained.

In this case, this claim is not eligible for reimbursement since I cannot be sure that Veronica caused the damages.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us again in the future.



What does time stamp photos prove? I have 10 units that I manage and on the particular day May 7 three other guests left from other units. Unless I take a picture with the guest holding the damaged towels the time stamp means nothing. I now have spent over three hours work on this case. How it that being productive. My manager takes picture of any damage and send them to me. I will then process the claim. You specialist Holden did not take into account my side of the issue. She was not sure Holden did the damage. Unfortunately most of the damage that happens in my units are Airbnb guests. I am a great Host and provide high quality rentals to Airbnb guests. I should not be treated as the one at fault.
Holden clearly is not qualified for her position or needs some additional Host awareness training. Holden will get a terrible rating if I receive a review request from Holden.

Re: experiences with trust and safety specialist

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@Wil21  The more units you manage the more potential losses or damages you may get from guests. Holden from Airbnb mentioned you had claims before and therefore requested more evidence including the photo with time stamps before and after. This is insane. On iPhone, photos taken are categorized by dates. You may take a screenshots of that and send to Airbnb. I don’t know what you can send before the guest’s checkin. If Airbnb continues like this, a host has to do a lot of work just taking photos before and after for each and everything the guest may touch. It is very unreasonable! 

You may have to give up since it does not worth to send the time and efforts to deal with a towel. Just leave a note in the guest’s review.

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