false review from the guest who never came

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Hi everyone,

I need help! I just starter to rent out my apartment and already got into unplesant situation. The guest booked the apartment, did not arrived and never canceled the booking. And now he left a false review about the apartment even-thought he never saw it! This is disgusting. What should I do? I already answered to his review, but is there any chance airbnb can deleted proved false review? 

Thank you.

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Re: false review from the guest who never came

Crozet, VA
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Do you have any messages on the Airbnb platform that indicate that the guest never checked in? If so, Airbnb can see those messages as proof the guest never checked in. Contact Airbnb and explain that the guest never stayed in your listing and the two of you never met. They can remove the review if they believe you 

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