guest want to pay balance in full

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guest want to pay balance in full

Hi Guys


I just accepted a booking settings are set to 30% deposit followed by the balance 1 month before arrival.

The guest just asked me if they could pay the whole balance this possible within the AirBnb system?



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For future reference for anyone


To pay in advance, please follow the steps below.
1. Go to the Trip overview
2. Click on the penthouse picture, which should take you to the itinerary page/home reservation.
3. Scroll down and click the "Get receipts and manage payments"

4. Then click "Update payment details"
5. Select the "Pay ahead of schedule: Now"


In took me 1 hour to figure this out, hope that it will save you some time

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Hi @Samson10 

I assume this is after the booking has been made. 

I am an Airbnb host who's trying to book as a guest, and use my Airbnb Credit as payment. 

Which can only be used in one go..... so if I book now with only half, I will lose the rest of my credit. 

Do you know if there's a way for hosts to change this payment method to Pay in full upfront, before booking? 

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False alarm @Samson10 

There was an option to Pay the Full Amount just before the final click to book! 

It would have been handy to see this option on either of the 2 previous steps in the booking process!

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Thank you for this information!  It worked,  no one has been able to answer this including the host.  

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Hi i have same question as a guest. I have paid 50% to book with balance due just a week or 2 before arrival. I want to pay the balance now (2 months before arrival). There are no options to do a manual payment...

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Did you get an update on this?  I paid 50% as well.  I would like to pay the balance now...trip isn't until June.

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Same here 

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Hello @Laura1417,


You could try the suggestion by Jeff, visible in this post just above your question.

Note that the terms of the pay less up front option, whereby Airbnb takes 50% at the time of reservation and 50% shortly before checkin, state that the payment schedule is entirely under the control of Airbnb, not the guest.


Pay less upfront terms



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Hi @Anita237

If you ring the phone number on your booking confirmation someone should be happy to take your money.

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@Ben19@Shadley0 There is no such thing as a reservation deposit on Airbnb.  There is a security deposit setting, but that is not charged to the guest unless the host make a claim for damage, etc. 


Airbnb charges the full price of the reservation (unless it is a Long Term that what you have?) at the time a reservation is accepted by the host.  If you are communicating and /or requesting payment outside of Airbnb, they will remove all your listings in a heartbeat.   It is a violation of Airbnb's terms of service. 


If this reservation is for a Long Term Stay, here's how it works:

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HI @Ben19


I wasnt aware you could set a deposit. Are you sure you read that correctly? Airbnb takes the full payment at the time of booking and then pays over to the host 1 day after the guest checks in. Thats how it has always worked.

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