how is this a 4 star overall review?

Puryear, TN
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Help me out here--we have a review that is 5 star in every category except Accuracy--is a 4 and the overall rating is 4 star????  Please explain!


While we are at it what does accuracy pertain to? I would have thought location and expectations.  This guest claimed to have a bank account hacked after booking with Airbnb and that was the only thing I know of that went wrong on their end.  We on the other hand had actually held the dates until they could get their finances together and then upon check out they checked out 90 min late!!!!  Yes--that did appear in my review.


Another guest a few weeks ago--a travel nurse no less--gave us a 4 on accuracy because she booked 1-4 and did not understand that the 4th was her check out day and got very upset that she could not stay the night of the 4th as it was booked by someone else.  


so what does accuracy pertain to and maybe it needs to be explained to guests.




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Re: how is this a 4 star overall review?

Alberta, Canada
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@Kim866 Accuracy pertains to how well your description of your listing and your amenities etc line up with reality. 

The guest left you a very good review but your response mentions things that her review doesn’t, which isn’t good. Keep in mind that in your response to a guest review, you are addressing future guests, not the author of the review. You have revealed to all, some negatives that don’t appear in the review, and it’s confusing as well, as no one knows what you’re talking about. You can ask Airbnb to remove your response.

Re: how is this a 4 star overall review?

Sayulita, Mexico
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@Kim866  The overall rating isn't an average of the individual category ratings. It is a completely separate rating. A guest might leave a 4* overall rating because something about the stay didn't fall under any of the other categories. For instance, they might find the mattress or the pillows uncomfortable or felt that there weren't enough towels provided, or the host failed to mention  something in the ad that they think guests should be made  aware of.


It's also just as likely, if not more so, that it's for no real reason at all. You can't try to figure out why guests give the ratings they do, unless it's obvious. Like if most of a host's guests give a low cleanliness rating, the host needs to seriously up their cleaning routine.


Also Airbnb tells guests that a 4*rating means "Good" and there shouldn't be anything wrong with Good. In other words, when a guest gives 4*s, they think they are rating you well.


Re: how is this a 4 star overall review?

Chicago, IL
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@Kim866   I just received a 4-star overall, with a 3 for accuracy, with an overall great written review, but a complaint about the space technically sleeping 5 and "could feel crowded for large parties....who prefer to stay in" although my stated occupancy limit is 4.  This person originally booked for two, but one was a no-show.  Although I am aware that 3 people were here, one night, since 3 chairs were at the table, instead of my usual 2.  Visitors, not over-nighters.


Also a remark about lack of a spacious kitchen, while my amenities specify no kitchen.   


I specifically designed the space to avoid "large parties ...who prefer to stay in".   So, really, it's a win for discouraging those people, hidden by a 4-star review. 


It's only a matter of time before someone will give a 4 or 3 star review for no good reason. 

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