"My Reservations" page

Saint Andrews, United Kingdom
Level 2

I keep track of all my bookings from the My Reservations page, accessed from Listings. This lists all upcoming bookings with "one-click" access to messages that have been exchanged with the guest. As of last night it seems to have completely disappeared. Where has it gone and how do I get it back? I rely heavily on this page as it is by far the simplest way to both keep track of who is coming and to communicate with the guest.

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Re: "My Reservations" page

Mount Barker, Australia
Level 10

Hi Jenny,

Well Jenny it's still available but it has possibly been moved to the Hosting Dashboard

1/. Log On and click profile picture, in the scroll line go to Host.

2/. From the drop down box select the first item,  Hosting Dashboard.

3/. Scroll down past 'Notifications' and you will come to Reservations.

4/. Click the required reservation and the booking confirmation will appear with a prominent field...'Message guest' and that will take you straight to the message stream with that guest.


It is probably a good way of going about it Jenny, because, you actually go through the reservation confirmation to get direct to the message stream....so any reservation information you may need is close at hand. If it has changed I think it's a change for the better!


Hopefully it is the same for you in the UK as it is for us in Australia.



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