smoking policy

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Cape Town, South Africa

smoking policy

Just giving the option of smoking allowed or not allowed is not enough.

we allow smoking in outside areas but not in rooms.

Saying 'smoking allowed" deters non smoking guests who think their room will smell of smoke, saying "smoking not allowed" will deter guests who are quite happy to smoke outside, but don't realise they have this option.

Hosts should have the option to specify "smoking allowed in outside areas only" as part of their house rules.

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I absolutely AGREE/

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Munnsville, NY

@Clive7 ,  We list our spaces as non smoking and explain in the rules that smoking is permitted outdoors (we have 9 acres, plenty of room to not piss anyone off).   I think I've had 2 indoor violations out of 400+ guest reservations in 4 years.  A good cleaning, airing and spray down after eliminated the odors quickly (Nobody has ever complained they smelled cigs in our spaces).


Some people are just sensitive to anything they dislike no matter what others do to try not to upset them.  Cig Smoke haters both are a breed all of their own.  My grandma (Ironically a member of the Hemlock Society) was one of those, back in the 60's when we would visit her in her Rochester apartment building, my Mom and Dad would go upstairs to my Aunt and Uncles Apartment to have a smoke, My uncle was an avid cigar/ pipe smoker and smoking back then was very normal.  Grandma Werner hated that and at one time tried to Ban my mom from smoking in the entire city of Rochester, that didnt work so well... 


I was a smoker when I entered the Army in 1980, I remember that if you didnt smoke, you didnt get a break!   So when they said "Smoke them if you got them", even the non smokers smoked something!   Im now a former smoker X 4 years (I smoked for 40), I don't hate on those that still smoke cause I know just how hard it is to quit.  



@Linda1339  Don't be to hard on   @Branka-and-Silvia0, just pointing out that environmentally speaking, second and third hand cig smoke is not the only or greatest risks to lung health now a days.  


@Caroline515, I as well, and an empty handle of Jack Daniels in the suite just makes me angry as hell followed by the urge to have a medicinal measure for myself to calm my nerves sufficiently to carry on!!


@Karl18 , It would be nice to have check boxes that expound on the term smoking (kind) and where you may or may not, that makes total sense.  


@Diane114 , I assure you, smoke cannot come into your home via an AC compressor, impossible,  it only exchanges Freon not air.  They probably smoked in your room and thats rude, it should have been reflected in their review.  


@Michael2246 , That would be an interesting experiment that could pay off very well,  Im waiting to see if Marijuana friendly listings start to pop up in New York now that it looks like we are going the other "Green"


As for @Phil82 and @Annette-And-Bob0 , you live in free countries and have the right to say who can stay in your places or who can't.  Actually, now that I think about it,  no you don't completely.  Denying a otherwise fully qualified individual from staying in your spaces because they do something that is 100% legal before they enter your property is a blatant and sadly acceptable form of discrimination.  Smokers are treated worse than Lepers and they don't wish to be judged when they follow the laws, pay their taxes and choose which nails they want to put in their coffin, who can blame them?. 


Everyone stay well! JR

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London, United Kingdom

The problem is that if you choose 'smoking not allowed' this will appear clearly in the bullet points under Policies. If you select 'smoking allowed' it doesn't mention it at all!


In any case, it's all a bit pointless as most guests don't read anything anyway. I make sure to message all guests and potential guests reminding them to read the full description/house rules, paying particular attention to the points about smoking, but it's amazing how many respond that they are fine with it, but their message shows me straight away that they have neither read nor understood it, but simply made an assumption.


I'm afraid, unless you are have strictly non-smoking policy, both inside and out, you have to message each guest to make sure they have understood and you may have to message them about it more than once.

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King of Prussia, PA

I have "No smoking" rule. My property is in Canada, and in Quebec there is "No smoking in or outside within 9 meters from the property, even if doors and windows are closed" law. This low posted inside my property. Still, looking at my outdoor security camera sometimes I see people walking/out of my place with the cigarette lighter and people smoking on a front porch next to the front door.

On several occasions I would sent polite message remining about nonsmoking rule....few times got polite reply that they do not have any smokers in there group….

My daughter very sensitive to a smoke, and can’t come to the property until it is properly cleaned after smokers. AirBnB is NOT helpful to get compensation for special cleaning.

They doing NOTHING! Talking to AirBnB support is mostly waste of time: they thanking you for providing you name and verification information, creating a ticket and sending standard message saying I will be contacted soon, and then this ticket automatically closing in a few days with out any resolution and nobody contacting me…. Very frustrating…. I wish AirBnB cleaned there act with existing product before getting into new one.

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Toronto, Canada

I smoke, and I just assume unless it says "smoking inside" that there is no smoking inside.

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Adelaide, Australia

Please support my post for adding a  check-box to guests and hosts pages re whether they smoke or not, so that they get matched appropriately. 


Self matching clearly isn't working.


Also keep sending messages to AirBnB support to request they add this feature.


They will get the message if we keep asking for it.


Never give up on this and it WILL happen.







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New York, NY

A LOT of apartment buidings/complexes nowadays have a TOTAL ban on smoking - by residents, vistors, whatever!


This started some years back in California, and now is common in many other cities as well. 

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Arlington, VA

I learned the hard way to be very precise. My unit is a separate entrance suite with its own HVAC, but one shared duct that goes into my home office addition. My house rules stated "No smoking on the property," which I thought was clear, meaning no smoking anywhere. I got a very strong smell of cigarette smoke through the vent one evening, messaged the guest to remind them it was a no-smoking property (and explain about the vent). They replied they thought the rule meant no smoking inside, and that they were smoking outside. Well, I can only surmise they either had the door open and were standing in front of it, or they were on the deck leaning over the air compressor unit, or they were stretching the truth a bit.  The room itself smelled after they left, I had to wash the curtains, chair pads, pillows. Left the door and all windows open all evening, and ran an air purifier overnight. The bedding smelled too, but I wash all the bedding including the spread after every guest. I can't prove what the guest actually did or didn't do, and I understand a heavy smoker can leave an odor just from their clothing. I've changed the house rule to "No smoking on the property, whether inside or outside." 

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Tenby, United Kingdom

Hi - I actually state : SMOKERS NOT WELCOME - 

I guarantee my guests a totally smoke free experience. ( ours is a log cabin so it retains odours )

I state in my house rules I do not want smokers to breath in our pillows or bring their smoky clothes inside our cabin. Hence the request to only host Non Smokers ! 

I ask guests pre booking to confirm they are all non smokers. 

I state if I see they are smokers I will ask them to leave. 

So far last year we only had 2 issues - most people do confirm they don’t smoke - I have to occasionally prompt ! I also have many guests say they book with us as they like my strict no smoking rule ! 

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Sayulita, Mexico

As a host and a smoker myself, I did the following with my listing- I simply didn't tick whether smoking was allowed or not. I live in the tropics, in the countryside, all the doors and windows are open most of the time. I only smoke outside and non-smoking friends have assured me that there is no smoke smell at all inside the house, even the areas where I hang out.


 Soon after a guest arrives, when I am acquainting them with where everything is in the kitchen, or we're sitting and chatting, I'll say "I'm one of those dreaded smokers- I'll step out on the road to smoke while you're here, though". This gives them the opportunity to say "Oh, it really doesn't bother me at all", which amazingly enough, almost all have said even though they aren't smokers. If they say "Thank you", or "OK", I restrict my smoking to a far corner of my yard or out on the road. And I never leave dirty ashtrays around.


So far, after hosting for a year I haven't had any smoking guests. But I felt if I said I allowed smoking, even outside, non-smokers would (reasonably enough) assume the room might smell like one of those old Motel 6 smoking-allowed rooms.



I figured if I just didn't list that issue at all in my house rules, then smokers could inquire whether it was allowed or not, and non-smokers could assume it wasn't allowed or ask.

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Toronto, Canada

I am someone hoping that when I list my Toronto home (a fully smoke anywhere you want home) that it would attract people like me...who would love to be able to smoke inside. Otherwise, I can air it out for days and most people can't smell anything, but then there are the extra sensitive people.

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Edithvale, Australia

As a smoker (outdoors only) I just passed up a dozen places, finally found one that is happy for it to be outside, although a lot of people will not admit it, they do smoke, you could be missing out on a lot customers, are you running a business or a prison,  there are one Billion smokers in the world, many businesses in Melbourne have scrapped there out door eating areas in favour of smoking areas, why, because there losing money, don’t let your ego get in the way of your business. up to you folks, good luck. 


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Carson City, NV

I list my room as smoking permitted, but I say only outdoors. I haven't had any feedback (positive or negative), and i believe less than 5 smoking guests. 

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Denver, CO

Aha, perhaps since I may at some future give it a go at my abode, I would say only smokers are welcone, but absolutely no drinkers 🙂

I have several homes so this could work. I detest the odor of liquors, the sight of beer cans and empty fine wine bottles. 

I'm fairly new to airbnb. Three - that I know of - out of 125 guests have either smoked in my private apartment or refused to use the spray I make out of witch hazel, distilled water and oil of peppermint before reentering the apartment. I have a sign posted that this is a non smoking apartment and if the guests do so it will result in the next guest smelling it and giving a bad review, cancellations and a high cost of defuming. I have also asked that they must smoke outside to use the provided the spray I've provided at the entrance of the apartment . Smokers evidently refuse to follow my directions. 


The sign has produced three good results. Guests smelling smoke have told me and understood that I'm doing everything i can about the situation and have still given me good reviews. 


Oddly enough, they usually sense the aroma in the bedding. I'm sensing the tenant(s) didn't use the spray and went to bed after massive smoking with out showering. Yes, I wash the linens with detergent, vinegar and baking soda between every guest's arrival,


I have invested in multiple air purifiers and an ozone generating device. None seem to be working. At this point, I've lost more than $500 being an airbnb host. Although I'm mostly worried about bad reviews at the moment, I'm now also bothered by liability for lung disease claimed by guests. Any suggestions about smoking deteration, smell removal or liability insurance will certainly be welcome.

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Tenby, United Kingdom

Hi Annie - 

Several years ago we changed our policy to Only host guests who do not smoke - I won’t accept any booking unless they confirm all guests are non smokers ! It’s been wonderful - no more awful odours left in our log cabin - the best is that most people say they choose us as they are delighted it’s just for non smokers without pets. We have been pretty fully booked all year round x So to save all your stress I highly advise you do the same x Happy hosting xx 

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Zagreb, Croatia


hahaha please...  :))))) be real... nobody will catch lung disease after spending few days in a room where someone have been smoking xx days ago...  I am a heavy smoker for 40 years and I am still alive 🙂 And grew up in a house with 2 smokers. And live in a country where smoking is permitted in all bars, cafes, clubs...


You don't have to be a smoker to get a lung desease nowadays. (hint: exhaust gases from vehicles, factories, city smog, air freshners, VOC from your new furniture... )


To remove smoke smell just open all the windows and vent the place .

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Bexley, Australia

I was a heavy smoker (gave up 15 years ago) and by accident a scan showed a spot on my lung and i had a lobe removed a couple of months ago.  No new furniture or factories so must have been that **bleep** air freshner!!

The smell of smoke now turns my tummy, even on someones breath.

I allow smoking outside only as a large percentage of my guests are fami!ies from Asia and the older generation are often heavy smokers.  I have had only two groups smoke inside but have found a deep clean,  bowls of white vinegar placed around and windows left open works overnight.

What gets me is the original comment, no way to distinguish type of No Smoking - and unless you have No Smoking you cannot qualify as an Airbnb business listing.  I have foregone the business listing and am pleased to say i still get business guests - the nice ones who actually read your listing.



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Yorba Linda, CA

I am sorry to alert you, since as a heavy smoker you may not have an accurate idea regarding the sensitivities of people who do not smoke- yet, "just opening all the windows and venting the place out" does NOT remove smoke smell from your home. Thanks! 🙂

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