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I am just getting started hosting and want advice on guest laundry usage. I would like to charge with a coin-operated washing machine. Do you think that this will work for most guests (assuming they know about the charge upfront)?

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Re: washer pay per use

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@Michael1699   I think that is perfectly acceptable. Some guests are known to use the washing machine on "full load" on a daily basis while only putting in a couple pairs of socks, some undies and a t-shirt with no thought to water and electric conservation. Besides which, if they use it improperly, it can result in expensive repairs. I had a housesitter for a month who threw clothes, towels, and other things covered with mud, sand and dog hair in my machine without bothering to even shake anything out- on my return, I found the drain hose plugged solid for its entire length with this matted mess. Then I had to spend another half day removing the filter on the back, at which point another 3 cups of sand came pouring out with the 4 gallons of skanky water that had been trapped in there for 2 weeks, mopping up all the water from the floor, and running the machine empty through 2 wash cycles to get the rest of the crud out. Had I not been good at troubleshooting and repair, it would have cost me a bundle to get a repairman out to deal with it.

I wouldn't list the washing machine under Amenities, though, if you want to charge for it, as this could lead guests to assume that it is free and complain about paying or give you a bad review. But mention it clearly in your listing description and mention it again when messaging with guests.

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