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Bed selection

We currently have 2 houses; each are 3 bedroom / 2 bathroom.  Both are located in Palm Harbor Florida.  One is 1200 sqft and the other is 1500 sqft, so we really are not set up to comfortably host more than 6 guest per house.   We currently have a nice queen-sized bed in each room.  Would you suggest a removing one of the queen-sized beds and putting a couple single beds?  None of the rooms are large enough for two queen sized beds.  



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Victoria, Australia

Hi John, I suggest it depends on your target market. If you feel it is a family market then Yes do that. I think it may give you an edge  H .

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England, United Kingdom

@John6275 I would also consider a pair of single beds that can be zip linked into a King size bed. This would give flexibility although if you take this option you will have to declare what the standard is (I recommend twin beds) and then say they can be converted to a King size bed if requested at least XX days prior to a stay.

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