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My house and the Airbnb apartment are adjoining. The walls of my house are thick stone so I cannot provide a reliable Wi-Fi in the Airbnb from my own router, the walls are too thick. I also cannot use an extender from my router because the Airbnb apartment and my house are on different fuse boxes. Otherwise I will have to set up the Airbnb apartment as a new connection which will mean a high connection fee and monthly bills. I'm considering running an ethernet cable from my router to the Airbnb apartment which guests could then use via a WAP but I am concerned that this could be a security risk to my data, passwords etc. Have other hosts had similar issues? I could ask my ISP to provide a firewall I suppose but this would be a new step for them, they said, and I'm therefore just not sure of the reliability of this. Any advice much appreciated!

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I haven't done this but the satellite extenders for mesh routers can be hardwired. The Orbi uses Ethernet cable.

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@Richard199  we have Ubiquiti Wifi extenders, they have to be installed professionally, and configured, but they work a treat. If you share a ceiling space you can run a wire up that way, and you install on the ceiling of the abb apartment, they are nice looking discs, a bit larger than a smoke detector, i call them ufos 🙂 you set up a different name and pw for this device (which means you can also shut it down remotely if you need to)

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@Richard199 you can google how to wire in a second wifi router from the one in your house with the two routers connected by a wire. It isn't the easiest thing to do as you need to ensure the two routers are operating on different frequencies but I managed it and I am not tech savvy. We have an eight port digital switch as we also have to connect the boiler and its controls to our base router.

We then charge a percentage of the broadband cost to the apartments to set against tax.

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@Richard199   You can run an ethernet cable from your router to the AirBnB apartment and add an extender at that point.  Rename the network via the extender setup and give it a separate unique password.  I have this setup between my house and garage efficiency apartment where I have a long term tenant and it works well.  This should ensure your safety and theirs.


I am using a Securifi Almond as it has a touch screen that I can walk a customer through or connects to my Alexa for me to "fix" via my phone.  Yes, this unit is an older product, but for my purposes it has been the easiest to use and reset with guests who messed things up as it doesn't require a computer for setup.  

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Richard, do exactly as you said;

but separate them as Guest

[you being the administrator]

hope this link helps a little: 

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