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    Hello hostsWe have a B&B.I am keeping the individual rooms - but making them unbookable and, as an experiment, making the whole house available.The problem I am having is that it lists as a private room - which isn't great for search and defeats the purpo... Latest reply by Ann72
    example pic big on mobile appmy pic - small on mobile app Hi Hosts and Helpers! Hoping for some help re: listing images.I like to think we have a good set of staple images, but i think we can improve by adding some more lifestyle shots that we have from i... Latest reply by Huma0
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    Hi all, I hope everyone is safe and well. I used to find the listing view number charts for the next two to three months ahead really very useful, as if I was not getting many hits I could adjust my rates accordingly. I was wanting to see how much interes... Latest reply by Charles224
    Why is it that we have to accept a booking before we can see the profile of the person booking? I have accepted a booking from someone who has no reviews and i do not like this Latest reply by Sarah977