bed linen

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Evans Head, Australia

bed linen

hi, need a tip on bed linen BEST BRAND for luxury feel with reasonable price point same with towels etc if anyone has nailed either id appreciate your feedback.


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Hay Valley, Australia

@Marian2827  +1 for Sheridan. We have use freedom and adairs (on sale of course) and those towels have not lasted well after one year. go to a sheridan outlet and you'll get luxury bath sheets for @$25 each.  i always supply xl towels, for that extra luxe experience. Aussies know this brand is luxury. I think for sheets you can get away with other brands but for towels, it's worth it to have the boujie name brand. I also bought (on sale ofc) a luxurious fleece blanket for our king bed listing, $100, and it's really gorgeous, well worth it (provided it doesn't get stolen which is what happened to the previous one)


I also buy from Ecodownunder (found them when we lived on the Nthn Beaches of Sydney, and now i buy online), it's all organic cotton, simple colours, bamboo/cotton/linen. Wait for a sale and you'll get lovely sheets for $ 69.


there might be some boujie brand out of Bryon too, but always check the pricing, cos often you are paying for the boujie label only.  

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East Fremantle, Australia

Hi @Marian2827


You can’t do any better than Sheridan in Australia, I mean the pure cotton 1000 thread count. I get them on sale and yes they are still expensive but I’ve had some for 10 years and they never pill or wear out. (don’t use bleach on spots, can cause a hole) 

Same with towels, go to Sheridan Outlet for those. ( Outlet doesn’t have the 1000 tc sheets.)  My towels are 6 years old now and still like new. They are coloured and have not faded either. 

I’ve tried other brands but the sheets always pill after a year or so. 

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