Do you live in Neath Port Talbot, UK?

Swansea, United Kingdom
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Hi, I am a student studying at Cardiff University and I am researching the potential impacts for residents of Airbnb accommodation in Neath Port Talbot. I would really appreciate it if you would be able to fill out my questionnaire. It will take under 10 minutes to complete, it is anonymous and questions are optional. Many thanks

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Re: Do you live in Neath Port Talbot, UK?

Auckland, New Zealand
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Hello @Laura5055 and welcome to ABB CC.


May we ask, is this research been used and paid for through your local Council/ Town Planning team?

Did you create the questions yourself?


Are you doing any other Research on other Advertising Platforms for Property Rentals, Long and short term?

Or is it only ABB your university are focusing on?



Curious to learn more.

Thanks in advance


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