Hi everyone, 


When I was a kid, summer was the best of seasons. The only goal in life was to have a new great adventure. From battling sea waves to going on treasure hunts, it was all about the thrill. School was out. You were completely free and fun was your endgame. 


Now as a grown-up, chances are summer is still your favourite season. Great weather, longer days, interacting with nature to rejuvenate and refresh yourself. What’s not to love?


There’s also a plethora of summer activities. From laying on a beach with a great book, to watching a movie at the park, to going fishing, having drinks with friends or visiting a farmer’s market and so many more. 


With this in mind and while many of us are getting ready to travel, I would like to know:


What is your favourite summer activity and why? And if you interact with your guests, what seems to be their favourite thing to do when they are visiting your area in the summer months?


For our friends in Australia and New Zealand it might not exactly be the right season for this, but as always your comments are greatly appreciated.

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Re: Favourite summer activities

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@Deirdre122 Awesome, I look forward to seeing those and catching up towards the end of the month. ☺️


You mentioned it's a road trip, are you focusing on an area of the country or trying to tick a few sights off your list from all over? Sorry I can get really curious!


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Re: Favourite summer activities

Stellenbosch, South Africa
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@Emilie  I'll be trying to see as much as possible but it is really long distances to cover so we are doing a different stop over every night to break the longer stretches up into just a few hours' drive each day. 


Fish River Canyon - Aus (to hopefully spot the desert horses) - Sossusvlei - Swakopmund (and up to Cape Cross Seal Colony) - Twyfelfontein area (hopefully see the desert adapted elephants of Damaraland) - then 3 nights at Etosha for the wildlife of course, then slowly home via Windhoek and Keetmanshoop (Quiver Tree Forest & Giant's Playground are on the stops there).


We'll be camping a few nights near the beginning and have managed to book a couple of Air BnBs in the bigger places on the way home.


I'm travelling with my son who has a physical disability and uses a wheelchair. He has the greatest spirit of adventure and is the best travel partner. He is studying to be a DJ, so he is in charge of the roadtrip playlist!

Re: Favourite summer activities

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My favourite lake and park all are biggest lake and park in my hometown.I like explore nature、explore unknown places and go to places I haven't been to with my family.


My favourite things that explore what behind the woods?What's on the other side of the bridge?What's on the other side of the lake?


I like the time that with my family.

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